Sunday, May 31, 2009

King James is a Sore Loser

The NBA doesn't get that Kobe-LeBron Finals they wanted. That happens. I wouldn't say that the Cavaliers choked away a golden opportunity for their first championship since I firmly believe the Orlando Magic were just better. If you watched these two battle during the regular season, you would have felt the same way too.

The most shocking moment on Saturday night was LeBron James storming off the court and not even congratulating the Magic on their victory. After every playoff series ... even ones that are hotly contested and chippy ... we end with the combatants shaking hands and exchanging hugs. Part of athletics is the spirit of competition and the acknowledgement of someone else's good deeds.

You didn't lose. You were beaten.

James also decided to skip that whole media thing and duck out of Amway Arena. Again, another classy move, King. I understand he's upset and all, but take some time to calm down and then go out there and give your interviews. It surprised me since James has always seemed to be engaging to the media no matter what. This just stunk of sore loser.

It really makes me see LeBron in a new light. It's cool for him to spend all season mocking other teams by doing that whole camera thing, the baby powder thing and slapping fives with Jay-Z but when a better team eliminates him from the Eastern Conference Playoffs, he can't give his opponent their just due. Maybe LeBron isn't the leader we all seemed to be told he was. Maybe he's not ready yet.

The problem is that no one in Cleveland will tell him he's wrong. They've been handling him with gloves for the past two years so he doesn't feel like he needs to leave in the summer of 2010.

We have been just been witness to a big baby.


Nathalie said...

I totally agree. He is a big sore loser. I'm glad he is showing his true colors.

tdgam said...

well everybody is entittled to there own opinnion but i personally dont think he was wrong at all especially with a team that gave him ZERO help when it really counted they have him to thank for even choking it out to the 6th game its easy for someone to say how he should have acted but put yourself in his shoes that would be another ball game!

sowmya said...

When there is game, it will have two possibilities either win or lose. we have to take it as positively for everything.
Rant about bad day

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