Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sportz NBA Conference Championship Picks

Okay. I got the Lakers vs Nuggets right. I also had the Cavs here. Little problem with the Celtics. But no worries, the series went 7 games, as I said.

On to the conference championships.

CAVALIERS OVER MAGIC (5 games): Cleveland has far and away been the best team in the postseason. They've played eight games and won them all by double-figures. LeBron James has been all by unstoppable. Orlando struggled a bit against the Sixers in the first round and were on the ropes against the Celtics. Despite being down 3-2 at one point, Orlando dominated that series. If they could actually finish games, this series would have started earlier. I still like Cleveland to win, but I see the steamroller running out of gas.

LAKERS OVER NUGGETS (7 games): Many people have fallen off the Lakers bandwagon and on the Nuggets. The Nuggets, in a series most noted for the crap going on outside the lines, ousted the Mavericks in five games. The Lakers just couldn't shake the pesky and injury-riddled Rockets. I'm not completely confident in this, but I'm going Lakers in 7. This series just reeks of going the distance. I think the Rockets may have helped LA learn a little about themselves. Let's see if the lesson carries over.

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