Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm Not Feeling the New Monday Night Football Team

I like Jon Gruden and I think he may be the next coach at Notre Dame (if Urban Meyer doesn't get there first). I just don't like the idea of him being on the Monday Night Football crew.

Gruden will replace Tony Kornheiser on ESPN's broadcast on MNF. Kornheiser's fear of flying has all of the sudden become a major factor and he is stepping down. He was mocked more than pretty much everyone that has ever done MNF games ... with the exception of Dennis Miller. I didn't hate him like many of the other bloggers and fans, but I don't think I'll miss him either.

On to Gruden.

Gruden makes this a football nerd booth. Mike Tirico is very knowledgeable and does a great job calling the action. I love Ron Jaworski on the broadcast team. No one breaks down game film better than Jaws and his knowledge about what is actually going on out on the field is really a learning experience. I hesitate to place him in the same sentence as Hubie Brown (who can break down a basketball game better than anyone ever has) but Jaws is in the same area.

The good thing about Gruden is that it adds the element of what a coach is thinking. Gruden will be able to let us in on what a coach is looking at and planning. He also can be surprisingly engaging.

The bad thing is that he's not done this before, yet is going into one of the biggest jobs in sports television. His addition also means we will have more of a football analyzing crew instead of one that is entertaining to Joe Averagefan. Also, this could be just a one-year gig if Gruden finds a head coaching job somewhere.

I'm willing to give Gruden a chance. I reserve most of my judgement until I see the dynamic of the trio.

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