Sunday, May 3, 2009

Great Sports Saturday Had Its Ups and Downs

Everyone was talking about how Saturday was going to be a great day in sports. It certainly had the schedule to be one. However, it lacked the pizazz that we all thought would be present.

The top four events weren't as tight as we thought they'd be.

The Boston Celtics didn't demolish the Chicago Bulls in their Game 7, but they led for most of the game and ended up winning by 10 points. Quite a downer to cap a great series with a quite average game.

Next up is the Pacquiao-Hatton fight. I bought into the fight (even though I didn't buy the fight) and thought it could be a classic. Instead, it was a dud. Hatton was pummelled and didn't make it out of the second round. No offense, boxing guys, but this is the reason that I stopped buying fights on PPV and just waiting for them to come on HBO or Showtime next week.

Over in Quail Hollow, Tiger Woods was climbing up the leader board until he got on the bogey train.

The Kentucky Derby did have Mine That Bird winning the thing at a 50-1 bid. But the horse won by nearly seven lengths and becoming champion well before the finish line.

The one thing that had no disappointment was the Capitals-Penguins Game 1. Both Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin scored a goal. The game was close throughout and should be the start of a beautiful series.

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