Monday, December 29, 2008

Redskins' 2009 Schedule

Here are the Washington Redskins opponents for 2009:

Dallas Cowboys
New York Giants
Philadelphia Eagles
New Orleans Saints
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
St. Louis Rams
Denver Broncos
Kansas City Chiefs

Dallas Cowboys
New York Giants
Philadelphia Eagles
Atlanta Falcons
Carolina Panthers
Detroit Lions
Oakland Raiders
San Diego Chargers

Not a bad schedule, but the roadies are a bit much. They must travel to the Giants, Eagles, Falcons, Panthers and Chargers -- all playoff teams. Still, they get the Chiefs, Rams and Lions who were the worst teams in the NFL this season.

The schedule will look at lot like this past season. They will, of course, play all three NFC East teams twice again. They will also host the Saints, Rams and travel to Detroit just as they did this year. They will also hit the West Coast a couple times (Oakland, San Diego) just as they did this past season (Seattle, San Francisco).

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Reggie Theus Looks Like Cheryl Miller

The Kings fired him .... errrr .... her .... err .... yeah.
(Hat tip: The Big Lead)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Naughty Temple Fan Gets Some Pub

This pic was flashed by a Temple fan as ESPN was going to commercial. The Owls were pounding Tennessee at the time ... and the fan decided to show a picture of what that must feel like for the Vols.

For a closer look:

Why Don't We Use BCS Rankings Across the Board??

If you have read this blog over the past four years, you know that I hate the BCS. I know we are stuck with it because the money is too good.

My thing is this: Why don't we use the BCS rankings to create the other games? I mean, the people for the BCS always say "we get the best possible matchup" due to the system. So why not have a whole month full of great matchups and then (TRY TO) place them in bowls that are accessible to both schools. Well, after you slot the #3 through #10 BCS teams in the four BCS bowls.

BCS: #1 Oklahoma vs #2 Florida
SUGAR: #3 Texas vs #4 Alabama
ROSE: #5 USC vs #6 Utah
FIESTA: #7 Texas Tech vs #8 Penn State
ORANGE: #9 Boise State vs #10 Ohio State
COTTON: #11 TCU vs #12 Cincinnati
CAP ONE: #13 Oklahoma State vs #14 Georgia Tech
GATOR: #15 Georgia vs #16 BYU
HOLIDAY: #17 Oregon vs #18 Michigan State
CHIK FIL A: #19 Virginia Tech vs #20 Pitt
LIBERTY: #21 Missouri vs #22 Ball State
OUTBACK: #23 Northwestern vs #24 Boston College

Aside from #25 Ole Miss, I don't know how the rankings kept going (maybe the BCS should publish that too). I mean, if all everyone cares about is great football matchups, than the ACC and Big East shouldn't mind if their teams get knocked out of the big, big money and make room for schools who could bring better games.

Monday, December 8, 2008

BCS Bowl Announced and I'm Not Happy

Gee whiz! That was fun! We had to wait all day long for Fox to tell us what any honk could have predicted all day: the five BCS bowl matchups.

I'm not surprised by what we got, but I am disappointed. Why do we have to have a two-loss Ohio State team in a BCS game and not undefeated Boise State? And, hell, they put them with a Texas team that is pissed off and whose fans will make the relatively short trip to Glendale, AZ for the game. Can you say another Buckeye Beatdown?

It is because Ohio State is a golden goose for bowls. Their fans travel well, they buy tickets, they rent hotels, they spend money in these host cities. To hell with if they could actually give Texas a game: we just need their fans to show up.

If they could justify it, any bowl would love to bring Notre Dame in. The Irish rewarded their boosters by heading to the Hawaii Bowl. Sucky season, but at least you can spend Christmas in Honolulu!

The ACC, which has been a running joke for a few years now, placed 10 of their 12 schools in a bowl game. The basketball crazy conference can't even get 10 teams in the NCAA Tournament in two years!!! Cincinnati is in the Orange Bowl.

We have these awesome matchups: Florida Atlantic vs Central Michigan, Louisiana Tech vs Northern Illinois, Rice vs Western Michigan and Tulsa vs Ball State. Hasn't Detroit suffered enough with the Lions that you are going to force FAU-CMU on them????

And the first bowl out of the gate? Navy vs Wake Forest. They've already freakin' played this year!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The ACC Gives Thanks to the Big East For a Great Football Season!

I know I'm a week late to give thanks, but I thought I need to point something out: Thanks for the Big East for making the ACC such a football power!

I'm being sarcastic, for sure, but it actually is true.

Boston College and Virginia Tech will be playing for the ACC Football Championship on Saturday. For the second straight season. Both BC and Tech (along with Miami) were taken from the Big East so the ACC could be a football conference, too.

I know that the rest of the world doesn't understand, but most of the fans of the ACC know that this is a basketball conference. We love hoops and hate what expansion has done to our conference.

I was for the expansion as it was going on because I thought that having some football super powers ... which Miami and Va Tech were supposed to be ... would make the conference better. It really hasn't. Instead of nine teams who clutter things up, we now have 12. It is highly competitive and there isn't as much sludge at the bottom, but this is far from an elite conference.

Let me say that Miami, Va Tech and Boston College have all been pleasant surprises in basketball, too. BC nearly won the ACC a couple years ago while Va Tech and Miami have been to the tournament, too.

The Big East Influence isn't just with Miami, V-Tech and BC. North Carolina has turned things around with ... Butch Davis who coached Miami when it was in the Big East. Tom O'Brien has NC State playing well ... after he was a darn good coach for BC when they were in the Big East.

Second to Last BCS Playoff Update

Yes, I hate the BCS system and think my playoff system is tops!

So here is my updated playoff picture:

#1-Alabama (SEC Champ)
#2-Oklahoma (Big XII Champ)

*-note, I switched the Florida and Texas seeds so the semifinals wouldn't be two SEC teams and two Big XII teams facing off again.

#12-Boston College (ACC Champ) vs #5-USC (Pac10 Champ)
#11-Cincinnati (Big East Champ) vs #6-Texas Tech
#10-Ohio State vs #7-Utah (Top ranked non-BCS Champ)
#9-Boise State vs #8-Penn State (Big Ten Champ)

*I also flipped Texas Tech and Utah so we couldn't have a Tx Tech-Oklahoma game in the quarterfinals.

I wish there was a way that I could include Ball State, but they wouldn't get in under my rules. "My rules" are that the champs of the six BCS conferences get in (Alabama, Oklahoma, USC, Penn State, Cincinnati, BC), as does the top ranked champion from a non-BCS conference (Utah). The other five spots go to the five highest ranked schools in the BCS that didn't earn a conference championship (Florida, Texas, Ohio State, Boise State, Texas Tech). My only other rule is that no more than three teams in any conference can get in.

The games are played at the home of the higher ranked team.

So ...

Boise State at Penn State, noon
Boston College at USC, 3pm
Cincinnati at Texas Tech, 6p
Ohio State at Utah, 9p

Cincinnati/Texas Tech at Florida, noon
Boston College/USC at Texas, 3p
Boise State/Penn State at Alabama, 6p
Ohio State/Utah at Oklahoma, 9p

Cincinnati/Texas Tech/Florida vs Ohio State/Utah/Oklahoma (at the highest remaining seed)
Boston College/USC/Texas vs Boise State/Penn State/Alabama (at the highest remaining seed)

National Championship game in Miami.

Monday, December 1, 2008

NFL Needs to Keep Lions On Thanksgiving

With the 0-12 Detroit Lions stinking up the season, many people are whining that they don't deserve to host Thanksgiving Day games anymore.

You people are stupid and lazy!

Forget that this is a tradition that spans 70 years. Forget that a decade ago you spent every Thanksgiving in awe of what Barry Sanders did.

Look at it from the NFL's view: you watched it!

They had a 10-1 team spank a 0-11 team and they had a ton of people watching it. What the heck else are you going to do on Thanksgiving??? I watched parts of the Texas-Texas A&M game just because it was on. The NFL would be wise to keep the crapiest of games on Thanksgiving. You would have watched the Chiefs-Raiders game had it been on Turkey Day.

Don't give me that crap that the Lions suck and it has turned their appearances on Thanksgiving into a big joke. How about the other two games? Seattle-Dallas looked like a winner when the schedule first came out but turned into a beatdown. Arizona-Philadelphia looked good all week but turned into its own turkey.

Tonight we get treated to a Jaguars-Texans game on Monday Night Football. No matter how much you think the game looks in April when the schedule comes out, it doesn't always turn that way when the game actually gets here. And Thanksgiving can't really have the same flex scheduling that NBC gets for its Sunday Night games.

With the three games on Thanksgiving, that means the NFL has to find five nationally televised games this weekend (to go along with the Sunday and Monday night football games). Plus, the NFL's highest rated time-slot is the 4:00 pm ET game; it draws more than either the Sunday or Monday night games.

Just enjoy the fact that we get to watch football on Thanksgiving at all.