Sunday, December 23, 2007

If the BCS Is So Great ....

My first comeback to someone who defends the BCS is "if it is so great, then why are they the only sport to have a setup like that?"  Usually I get no answer. 

In leu of that, I'm gonna set up the NFL postseason the same sort of way:

SUPER BOWL (Glendale, AZ):  Patriots vs Colts
HOME DEPOT BOWL (Atlanta):  Cowboys vs Packers
SPRINT BOWL (Pasadena):  Jaguars vs Chargers
FED EX BOWL (Miami):  Redskins vs Buccaneers
ELECTRONIC ARTS BOWL (Houston):  Steelers vs Seahawks
REEBOK BOWL (San Diego):  Giants vs Titans

Sunday, December 16, 2007

2007 Was The Worst Sports Year EVER!!!!


It is fitting that the end of 2007 saw the Mitchell Report bring on a firestorm of roided up players.  This has been a really bad sports year all the way around ... and may be known as the Year Or The Roid.  Look at the bad crap that happened this year:

*Barry Bonds breaks Hank Aaron's record and everyone felt dirty by it.

*Barry Bonds gets indicted by the Feds for lying to 'em.

*Super Bowl XLI was played in a soggy Dolphins Stadium ... most likely the worst conditions ever in a Super Bowl.

*The NBA Finals?  A 4-game sweep.

*The World Series?  A 4-game sweep.

*The BCS Championship game?  Florida blew out Ohio State

*The Final Four?  Florida soundly beat Ohio State.

*With all the doping in the Tour de France, did anyone actually finish the race?

*Sean Taylor was murdered.

*The only big NFL story (that could be considered good) is the New England Patriots quest for perfection.  Yet, they are stained by SpyGate, fair or not. 

*Michael Vick's life explodes when he pleads guilty to dog fighting.  Not only did it ruing the career of one of the NFL's most marketable stars, the details of the case were troubling and gruesome ... and opened up a can or worms for this underground culture that involves athletes.

*The New York Knicks suck on the court ... and in the court. 

*NBA official Tim Donaghy is charged with betting on ... and possibly fixing ... NBA games.

*Wrestler Chris Benoit kills his family ... then himself.

*NCAA Football has about 8 teams that may deserve a shot at a national championship ... but only two will get a chance to prove it.  And one isn't the only undefeated team out there (Hawaii)

*Marion Jones must give back medals after her doping surfaced.

*The NFL's much hyped trip to London was a dud.

*The Don Imus v Rutgers women's hoops team deal.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Should the NFL Have "Rivalry Games"?

There are rivalry games in NCAA football between regional teams who aren't conference affliated.  So why not do that in the NFL?

I know, I know ... the NFL has a pretty sweet scheduling system now and yada, yada, yada.  I agree with you that the logistics would kinda suck.  But let's do it just for fun:

Redskins-Ravens:  You gotta have the battle of the Beltway.

Giants-Jets:  Maybe they could play for a Big Apple Trophy or something.

Cowboys-Texans:  Two franchise who share the same state and little else.

Eagles-Steelers:  We can call this the STEAGLES GAME after their brief merger during WWII

Buccaneers-Jaguars:  Jags get the nod over the Dolphins because of the northern Florida thing.  Can we get them to play in Orlando?

Rams-Chiefs:  Show Me a better game!

Niners-Raiders:  The Bay Area Classic may one day actually be one.

Cardinals-Chargers:  The two Southwestern teams get to tangle.

Bears-Colts:  Not just because of the whole Super Bowl XLI thing, though it helps. 

Panthers-Titans:  As I drive through the Great Smokies, I get to hear both Carolina and Tennessee games on the radio.  That's all I got.

Lions-Browns:  It could be a bit catchy.

Falcons-Dolphins:  The Second Biggest Outdoor Cocktail Party, this is not.

Seahawks-Broncos:  Okay, not much here ... but someones gotta join these two pieces together

All that leaves the Packers, Saints, Vikings, Patriots, Bills and Bengals as outsiders.  So ... let's just do this:

Packers-Patriots:  Packers represent the old time greatness of a franchise;  the Patriots represent the nu skool of that.

Saints-Bengals:  If you think about it, it does make sense.  Both are the laughingstock of their conferences over the past two decades.  And they can have fights over WHO DEY and WHO DAT.

Vikings-Bills:  Um ... and there you have it!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Ha Ha! You Stupid BCS Backers

I've always said on this blog that the BCS is a joke.  The BCS works just fine when teams are undefeated.  But what happens when #1 and #2 lose at season's end?  What happens when the Big XII and SEC champion are ranked LOWER than teams that didn't even make those conferences championship games? 


Okay, my playoff formula would look like this:

ACC:  Virginia Tech
Big East:  West Virginia
Big XII:  Oklahoma
Big Ten:  Ohio State
Pac-10:  Southern Cal

There are six teams.  The best non-BCS school gets it in my playoffs ... which would be Hawaii.  Then, five at large teams:  Georgia, Kansas, Missouri, Florida and Arizona State.

12-Arizona State at 5-Virginia Tech (11:30p)
10-Hawaii at 7-Oklahoma (3p)
9-West Virginia at 8-Missouri (6:30pm)
11-Florida at 6-USC (10pm)

1-Ohio State vs Missouri/West Virginia winner in Columbus, OH
4-LSU vs Virginia Tech/Arizona State winner in Baton Rouge, LA
3-Kansas vs USC/Florida winner at Lawrence, KS
2-Georgia vs Oklahoma/Hawaii winner in Athens, GA