Tuesday, November 30, 2004



As I stated on my Sportz Redskins Journal…I attended the Bengals-Browns 58-48 scoring fest. Simply amazing. Both teams created huge plays offensively and defensively in route to the second highest scoring game in history. I had no idea that that I just watched the highest scoring game since 1966. It wasn’t until I got home and saw the highlights on NFL Primetime that I was informed of that.

I have always known that my beloved Redskins were involved in the highest scoring game in NFL history. Thirty-eight years and one day ago, on November 27 1966, my Skins beat the New York Giants 72-41. The 72 points scored by Washington is still a regular season record [we did get trounced 73-0 by the Bears in the 1940 NFL Championship Game]. Before Sunday…that 113 point record was 14 points better than the second place mark….99 by the Seahawks and Chiefs in 1983.…and that was an overtime affair.

So, this was a memorable day, I guess. I mean, the Mid American Conference….which houses nearby Miami-OH Redhawks and the Ohio Bobcats…are used to scores like this. Some WAC games turn out worse than this. What makes this a rarity is that BOTH teams are doing this. Cleveland was just a point shy of tying the record for most points scored by a losing team. In the NFL, teams that are pouring on the scoring tend to call of the dogs when the outcome is no longer in doubt. I mean, the Chiefs beat the Falcons 56-10 earlier this year…and could have beaten them worse. But, this game was in doubt. The Bengals led, pretty much the entire game. The Browns fought back and took a brief 48-44 lead midway in the fourth quarter. Cincy marched down the field and scored a TD to gain back the lead, 51-48. Then, as the Browns were driving under 2:00 left in the game, Kelly Holcomb threw a pass out in the flat that was picked off by Deltha O’Neal and ran back for the game clinching TD.

And that ended the 2nd highest scoring game in NFL history.

Later that night….the New Jersey Nets led the Portland Trailblazers 10-9.…..at the end of the FIRST QUARTER!!!! Portland led 30-25 at the half…which matched the lowest combined point total at halftime….IN NBA HISTORY!!! Earlier this season, the two teams played to a 64-60 Blazer victory.


Honestly….neither situation is good. Definitely no one wants to see low scoring games like that Nets-Blazer barnburner. If they did…then soccer would actually have a US fan base and people would be clamoring for the NHL to get back on the ice. Neither is happening. But, these freakish scores aren’t healthy either. I didn’t add up to championship rings when the Denver Nuggets were running and gunning in the early 1980s.

Unlike the NBA, these scoring anomalies aren’t really “trends”. As we said….it has been almost 40 years since teams scored like that. Of the next three highest scoring totals by a single team …all were done during 1949-1950. A 0-0 tie happened frequently in the early days of the NFL. But none since World War II.

I have no idea what you’d chalk up this game to. I mean, Jeff Garcia, Lee Suggs and Kellen Winslow were out for Cleveland. Carson Palmer entered the game as a question mark with a minor injury…and Chad Johnson suffered a concussion early on.

I enjoyed it. Especially since I kept looking at the scoreboard to see my Skins put up a pathetic 7 points against the Steelers. So, THIS is what offense looks like, huh??


Sunday, November 28, 2004


Here is my personal list of my Top Ten Takes of the year. No, they aren’t the 10 biggest stories…or even 10 of my best works….but 10 different Journal entries that I have a nice little warm spot for in my own heart. I thought I’d throw them together so people who’ve just started to read my stuff can go back and look at some of my favorite takes. Enjoy.

I wrote this as the Lakers were entering the Finals. Yeah, we took out the Spurs and Wolves in back-to-back series…and people whine “0.4!!!!!“ One of my biggest gripes is how people think Stern manipulates the NBA so he gets everything he wants. That is a huge pile of beetle dung. As I said in that entry…he’s had cities like Orlando, San Antonio [2x], Indianapolis, Salt Lake City [2x], Portland [2x] and Seattle in the Finals on his watch. I mean, why do the Clippers still suck?? Or the Knicks down?? He’s also added Charlotte, New Orleans, Memphis, Vancouver, Toronto, Sacramento, Orlando and Minnesota in on his watch. His true power, however, was felt when he handed out those very “stern” suspensions from the Pacers-Pistons melee. That is what makes him the best commissioner in sports. Players like him…but also fear him.

Lawrence Phillips Sells His Championship Ring
The saddest thing is sports is when a talented player throws it all away for one reason or another. Laziness, drugs, complacency. We’d all KILL to be in that position….but they screw it away. Well, Lawrence Phillips is one such guy. This entry centers around him selling his Big 8 championship ring to a pawn shop for $20. I like this entry because while it was both funny and sad….it also shows how certain people just can’t cope with celebrity.

8-CANNED FISH [November 9]
I had been chronicling Dave Wannstedt’s horrible season since the summer. As much as I respect the Miami Dolphins…they dropped the ball on this one. Dave stuck with the team as they limited his duties…had Ricky Williams retire….and while everyone was calling for his head. Yet, they couldn’t even do the dignified thing and let Wannstedt finish out the season. He should just look at the college ranks to be a coach next.

LAKERS: Easy Directions....Tough Traveling
This was written after the NBA Finals and before any deal was done in LA. As a Laker fan…it was hard on the heart to see Shaq leave. But, it was business. Being a Laker fan….I have exhausted this argument…but this was my take of what could, should, and hopefully would happen.

6-NCAA ELITE 8 [August 31]
The ELITE Eight of the Upcoming NCAA Season
This is one of my favorites. One, because every time you make a preseason take…one of the teams you think of highly bombs. Well, at least one. Whether it is the Denver Nuggets in your NBA take….or Kansas City Chiefs in your NFL take….someone disappoints. My biggest disappointment was Florida…who isn’t in the BCS rankings at all. The only other team that I really overrated was Florida State…who if they didn’t lose to Florida would have been high in the rankings. Anyway….my favorite part of the entry is the comments. Boy, they hated my picks. Most were Michigan and Ohio State fans. I was an “idiot” for not including them in my Top 8. Of course, they aren’t in the Top 8 in real life…so was I so wrong. Attempts to contact these people on their barbs went unsuccessfully. My top two teams?? USC and Oklahoma. I guess I’m not such an idiot. P.S. My next entry was “BCS BUSTERS” and documented various non-BCS conference teams that could make a dent this season. Among them were Utah and Boise State [of course, I did include TCU as well….sorry].

5-WALTER HERMANN [August 29]
The Story Of Walter Herrmann
One thing about my journal….it is made up of my opinions and takes. Whether something angers me…makes me laugh…pointing someone out…or giving my previews on something….it is mine. I do not report on anything. I made a minor exception here. While it was my take….I really was trying toget out this guy’s story. For some reason…these Olympics really did grab me. And in the whole grumbling over our USA Basketball team in Athens…Walter Hermann’s story barely got play. Once I caught wind of it…I researched and researched this guy. His sad story…his hoops career…everything. When the Olympics come around….we always love and root for our countrymen. And we should. But, we tend to look at the people on the other teams as stone cold enemies and “other” people. Well, stories like these just shows how foreign athletes have lives and feelings just like ours…including horrible heartbreaks like this. I hope you give this story another look.

4-AU REVIOR LES EXPOS [September 30]
Au, Revoir...Les Expos!!!
A long time ago…I felt that when a team left a city, it just happens. Then I watched the Hornets totally screw over Charlotte for a smaller market. Luckily for Charlotte…the NBA came back in two years. It isn’t so lucky for other cities. Especially Montreal. Whether it is that crazy logo or that ugly stadium or those weird seats there or everything written in French. You KNEW you were in a different place there. Toronto might as well be Milwaukee for all I know. Yeah, I know that the National Pastime in French-Canada is kind of a weird thing to miss….but the NHL’s champion currently resides in Tampa. Of course, sports is a business…and Canadian businesses don’t fair well against the American franchises. And in a very tough MLB economic structure, it is almost impossible to have baseball in Montreal. Heck the NHL Canadiens are in trouble!! Of course, it doesn’t help when the team has been a lame-duck for 3 years now. They had their best season snuffed out by a strike, their best players sold away, threats of contraction, owner trading that ended in MLB “running” the team, home games in Puerto Rico…and ultimately the league scrapping together a quick move to a place that has already seen baseball fail…..twice.

Ricky Rather Burn the Hippie Lettuce
While some things polarize our sporting culture [see: my #1 pick], everyone pretty much agrees on this: Ricky Williams is a selfish potheaded jerk. Why do fans have such contempt for athletes?? Look here. A guy who was the leading rusher in the NFL in 2002, abruptly quits his multi-million dollar job that gets him adulation that most of us can only dream about….so he can smoke dope. And he blames us. The fans want too much from him…and the media won’t leave him alone. Hmm…that IS part of the job. He is Ron Artest without the violent temper. He “lost his passion for football”. I just chalk it up to another pothead who just doesn’t feel like going to work. Of course, his football passion returned when he was ordered to pay $8.6M back to the Dolphins…most of which was spent on weed, tie-dye shirts, incense, sandals, Funions, Bob Marley posters, black lights, hacky-sacks, Grateful Dead albums, “The Matrix” DVD”, and various hippie lettuce smoking paraphernalia.

Why Care About The Red Sox?
My first big entry. It ranks so high because it was my first entry to be placed on the AOL Sports Talk page and got me noticed in the AOL community. This actually wasn’t directed at the Red Sox….but to fans of “The Curse”. For as cursed as people tended to think the Red Sox were….they have actually led a pretty good baseball resume. Sure, those Yankees screwed it up for them….but at least there were some good times in there. I mean…can we get some footage of those Cubs or White Sox World Series??? Is there a “Curse Of The Black Sox Scandal”??? Maybe those great Indians dynasties. Or the long history of the Phillies and their one WS ring. Now that the Sox have “86-ed” their “curse”….it all seems moot. But, personally, this entry still means a lot to me.

1-DISGUSTING [November 20]
This just happened and still is in the fabric of the sports world….but it is a big, big deal. As a child of the 80s and a young adult of the 90s….nothing in sports really shocks me. Needless to say….the Pacers-Pistons melee did. I remember being glued to the TV as I came home and had my wife trying to get our Christmas tree decorated. I just couldn’t believe what I saw. I’ve been to many NBA games and couldn’t imagine having players running into the stands or fans running on the court. The whole problem with this is that everyone is looking for the person to blame. Well, at times, everyone is to blame. This is one of those times. Fans have no right to throw things at other people. Players have no right to go into the stands and fight. Arena officials should have been able to curb this. The Pacers coaches should have found a way to keep their players out of that. The officials should have cooled the Wallace-Artest confrontation quicker. There is no perfect answer. Opinions vary on all of this…plus the suspensions and society’s role in this. Let me say this….you are NAÏVE to think that it is the way the world is now is why this happened. Fans have been challenging athletes for a long, long, long time. Remember Babe Ruth climbing on top of the dugout to challenge any fan to fight him?? Or that idiot that ran on that football field to get leveled. Or even spectators throwing tomatoes and what not at the gladiators fighting tigers in the ancient arenas. This event was point where fan disdain, rivalry, competition, humiliation, frustration, alcohol, race, class, personality and opportunity collided. I mean…the Pacers and Pistons were the top two teams in the NBA last year. The Pistons ripped the East from the Pacers last season….and the Pacers came into Auburn Hills and smacked them down. These two are division rivals in a scheme where winning your division is so important. It was at the end of the game…where fans were a little “liquored up”. Rich white folks in a working class city watching rich black folks play. Two warriors in Artest and Wallace scuffling. A guy with a criminal past throwing something at a guy with a history of anger problems and deemed a “mental case” by most. All the pieces were there…and this time it blew up.


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First off…I wrote a lot of this on Friday night….but fell asleep at the computer after a day of Christmas “shopping” all day. I’m finishing it today…after Boston College lost to Syracuse which cause a beautiful mess.

I’m sorry to be a broken record…but I hate the BCS system. YES IT IS BETTER THAN WHAT WE HAD BEFORE. That doesn’t mean that it is good. I mean, horse-and-buggies are better than walking….but we seemed to improve on that and drive around in cars now. And that wasn’t “tinkering” with the buggy like they “tinker” with the BCS. The system isn’t any good. In fact, it is just as faulty as the old system….except under the old system we all knew that’s just the way it was and at least schools that deserve to get into major bowl games deserved to get there. Not anymore.

With Syracuse pummeling Boston College atop Chestnut Hill….the Big East part of the BCS is completely absurd. Now, neither BC or the early favorite West Virginia will get a BCS game. Instead, it is a 7-3 Pittsburgh team that has South Florida next week….or a 6-5 Syracuse team…that will get the nod. The BCS bid will go to the team ranked higher in the final BCS rankings. Neither team is in the Top 25 BCS rankings. So, it could mean that if Pitt’s head coach puts the Panthers in the Coaches poll which Syracuse’s head coach has no vote…than he could elect his own team to the BCS game by recording a vote that could be tabulated in the rankings. Complete garbage!!! We all were afraid this could happen since the Big East lost Miami and Virginia Tech to the ACC.

I know, the BCS will be around for a while. Fox just overpaid for it…meaning they have the NFL, MLB, NASCAR and the BCS. Wait….won’t they need to hire some people to….oh never mind.

Back on task. The BCS. There is nothing wrong with trying to get the top two teams matched up and playing in a bowl game. The problem I have is the audacity that it means we have a “National Championship game“. We all saw last year that USC and LSU split the National Championship. Wasn’t the BCS designed to keep crap like that from happening?? How fair is it that Auburn may not have a chance to play for the National Championship?? Or even Utah.

Of course, the BCS’s job isn’t only to determine the National Championship Game. The BCS is also designed to figure out what conference get huge paydays by having a school in one of the four BCS games. And as much controversy as the USC/Oklahoma/Auburn situation could be…..what about the California/Utah/Texas/Louisville/Boise State situation?? I mean….will the Pac-10 or Big XII get a second team in the BCS?? Or will the WAC, C-USA or MWC come in there for the treasure??

And that brings me back to Pitt or Syracuse. Why do they deserve to get a $13M payday for winning a conference that is on the same tier as the MAC or WAC??? Yet Cal, Texas, Georgia, Louisville, Miami or Boise State could be left out. Who is clamoring for a Pittsburgh-Utah Fiesta Bowl???

Screw it. Have a freaking playoff!!! All the other levels of college and high school football league can pull it off….so why can’t the biggest division??? Finals?? Doesn’t those Division II schools and high schools have finals?? And most of them need those test since they aren’t realistically going into the NFL. I know holes can be shot thru my proposal….but this is what I’d love to see:

A 14 TEAM PLAYOFF BRACKET. Yep….14 teams. Use the BCS formula to determine seeding. The top 2 teams get a first round bye. So…as of now, Oklahoma and USC get that bye with Auburn as the #3 seed. Invite the champions of the ACC, Big East, Big Ten, Big XII, Pac-10, SEC, MAC, MWC, C-USA and WAC…..plus the top 4 at large teams [as determined by that darn BCS system]. I know someone will be angry that they were left out. I mean, you could have a 100-team playoff system but team #101 would complain about being left out. So….imagine that Virginia Tech [ACC}, Oklahoma [Big XII], Michigan [Big Ten], Auburn [SEC], Pittsburgh [Big East], Louisville [CUSA], Miami-OH [MAC], Utah [MWC], USC [Pac-10] and Boise State [WAC] all won their conferences and would be in the Playoff. Going by the BCS rankings…California, Texas, Georgia and Miami-FL would be the at large teams….with Iowa, LSU and Tennessee crying that they were left out. So…there is your 14 team field.

SEED BY BCS RANKINGS. Again…there will be crying. But…seed the playoffs using this ranking. #1 USC and #2 Oklahoma get byes. So, #14 Miami-OH at #3 Auburn.….#13 Pittsburgh at #4 California.….#12 Virginia Tech at #5 Texas.….#11 Michigan at #6 Utah.….#10 Louisville at #7 Boise State.….#9 Miami-FL at #8 Georgia. The quarterfinals would be USC vs. Mia/Ga, Oklahoma vs. Louis/BSU, Mia-OH/Aub vs. Mich/Utah, BC.Cal vs. VT/Tex.

SUPER BOWL JUNIOR. Of course, the beauty of having a playoff means that you get a championship game…a “Super Bowl Jr,” if you will. All the pageantry that goes into these bowl games and the Super Bowl would be there for this game. They could pimp the game well…as evidenced by the Final Four. Cities like Atlanta, Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, New Orleans, Tempe, Houston, Dallas, San Diego, Pasadena-Los Angeles…..and possibly Charlotte, Nashville, Washington or Detroit. St. Louis would be an ideal spot….since it is smack dab in the middle of the country and in a domed stadium. If Indianapolis got a bigger dome….the NCAA loves to hold title tilts in their headquartered city.

STILL HAVE THOSE BOWL GAMES. Hey…have those bowl games. I mean, they still hold the NIT tournament in basketball, don’t they?? If you are expecting people to go to San Antonio for an Ohio State-Oklahoma State game…then why not let ‘em play in Miami or New Orleans?? Heck….14 playoff teams means we could cut out 7 bowl games. Let’s see….the New Orleans, GMAC, Champs Sports, Emerald, Ft Worth, MPC Computers and Silicon Valley bowls can all go away. There…56 schools still see postseason play…they just get out of those dingy bowls and into real ones. I mean, why not move the Florida State-West Virginia game from the Gator Bowl to the Orange Bowl?? It’s the same game…it still means nothing…put it on that bigger stage. Note my melodramatic tone.

Again…I’ve wasted my time and Journal space with this. None of this will happen. The BCS has brought big money into these conferences. Not only that…but the BCS brings controversy. And wherever there is controversy …there is talk. And talk means that college football is discussed all year long…and the NCAA loves that.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Giving Thanks

First off, I want to give thanks for my beautiful wife. Without her, I’m nothing. She nurses me when I am sick…loves me when I’m angered…feeds me when I’m hungry…elevates me when I feel down…and humbles me when I feel too big. Life is full of love, laughter and excitement with her as my partner. I love you.

I give thanks to my family. Mom and Dad who are proud of me….yet still worry about me. My in-laws who are always there for us when we get into a bind. My sister, three brothers-in-law and two nieces. It is still odd to me to have such this extended family.

My pups….who no matter how bad, mad, or sad I feel….they don’t care. They just want to jump in my lap and be petted. A little scratch behind the ear. They are comforters, comic relief and play pals. They are my children.

Thanks to all my friends who I laugh with, work with, chat with, hang out with. Thru my life…I’ve moved quite a bit and never been one comfortable in forging my way in a new situation. Yet, every time I’ve had to….I’ve seem to have drawn in some great friends. So thanks to you guys!

Thanks to my Laker peeps. LakrMike, Joohn, Endora, Bas, Key, Johnny, Kevin, Rowe, Fine, Cap, Raisin, Bax, Yosseff, Ciaras, Gypsy, and the rest. We went from legends on the ol’ board and made an elite board of our own. Conversations with people who have the same love for the NBA…yet view many matters in different lights. Yet, we have such convos in respectful ways. Not only have we talked about our beloved [or unbeloved] Lakers…..but other sports, news event, politics, life and death. What an amazing world we live in where I can live 3000 miles away from the Lakers….yet be able to talk to so many fellow fans as if we were sitting at a table in some coffee shop.

Thanks to other peeps on this AOL….whether I like ‘em or hate ‘em. May the holiday find you with your families and loved ones, healthy and happy.

Thanks to the AOL sports community for recruiting me to begin a sporting journal…then showing it love and putting it out there for all to see. My Sportz Journal is almost at 5000 hits. Thanks to the DC Sports Guy for continuing to feature my Redskins Blog on the Pigskin Bloggers reports. Chris Mottran fro picking my blog to be featured on AOL’s “The Show”. Monponsett for making my move from the AOL boards to the Journals smooth….and having a great blog to read as well. Thanks to everyone who reads it, links it and responds to it. It means a lot.

Thanks to Ron Artest, Latrell Sprewell, Maurice Clarett, NHL, Sammy Sosa, Lawrence Phillips, Ricky Williams,

Condolences to Ron Zook, Dave Wannstedt and the Montreal Expos.  Respect due to all who've lost someone this year.  Holidays like this make it hard.  Rest in piece to Bronson.

Thanks to the Charlotte Bobcats, Red Sox, Ichiro, Barry Bonds, Olympics, the ACC and Walter Hermann. You guys have brought stories I could feel good about researching and writing.

Thanks to my favorite teams. All of my teams, though not doing THAT great….are always exciting and are amongst the greatest organizations in their sports. I LOVE being a fan of all of these teams. The Lakers are…well, you know. What an exciting time from LAST Thanksgiving, eh?? My Redskins, who thanks to Mr. Snyder are never boring. It would be nice to win a few games too. My Heels have re-emerged as a hoops power and the football team had a nice, nice surprising season and will be off to a bowl game. The Reds are still the weak Reds. With teams like these….I have some mortal enemies. Those Cowpokes…those Dookies…..those ChoKings. It is healthy to have another team rile you up like that.

So, this Thanksgiving…look around and be thankful to what you have. Be thankful.

Saturday, November 20, 2004


                  Stephen Jackson

I’ve sat down to write a Journal entry on the riot at the Palace Of Auburn Hills….and I have no idea what to say. Well, except that the whole thing was utterly disgusting.

As most everyone [especially ones that would be reading my journal] knows, with 45 seconds left between the Pistons and Pacers Friday night….a minor scuffle broke out between Ben Wallace and Ron Artest over a “hard foul”. When things cooled down….a fan threw a cup of water/beer/soda at Ron Artest and hit in square in the face. Artest went into the stands to take on the fan….the all hell breaks loose.

I’ve never seen anything like this in sports. Ever. It looked like that bowling alley brawl Allen Iverson was in back in his high school days. It looked like a McDonalds riot I witnessed back in my high school days. It looked like a South American soccer game.

It is one of those instances that everyone has blame…though you can side with everyone as well. Everyone involved in the fight is proud of themselves that they didn’t take anyone’s crap. The players showed the fans…..the fans stood up to a huge player. You’ll have Mr. I Threw The Beer At Ron Artest….and Mr. I Got On The Court And Challenged The Pacers….and Mr. I Didn’t Do Anything But Threw A Few Sucker Punches When Their Back Was To Me….and Mr. I Am A Woman And Threw A Chair. Real heroes, huh.

THE FANS AT FAULT. I’m not putting sole blame on the fans on this point…..but this just keeps proving my point of fans misunderstanding of why they are there. Fans buy their ticket…and feel that gives them license to do whatever they want. Sure, it is one thing to boo and shout that people suck, or come up with a clever poster or outfit…but to physically harm someone on the court by throwing something on the court is UNEXCUSABLE!! Who should be subjected to having a beverage thrown at them??? And from a distance that is higher up that where you are?? Even so…there were many people in those stands that had nothing to do with that…yet were affected my the fight.

Also, if you go on the court….you should be automatically arrested no matter what and, basically, responsible for what happens to you once you get there. If you go on the court to fight a player and he decks you in the nose….hey, your fault buddy.

Of course, many of those fans will be filing their own lawsuits. This is America where we sue anyone that bothers us. I mean, a rich NBA guy hit them. Although only one person was hospitalized and no one has been arrested yet…..look for the mobilization of lawyers talking people into civil suits.

THE PACERS. I know I am contradicting myself here….but you just can’t go into the stands. I know, as an athlete, you are expected to take a lot of abuse that most other people don’t have to take while they are working…but it is part of the job description. NO, you should never have to have things thrown at you. If it happens….security should be notified and arrests need to be made. You can’t go into the stands. If Artest and Stephen Jackson never went into the crowd…none of this would have happened. The calm Artest uncharacteristically showed by not responding to Wallace’s shove could have been demonstrated when the fan threw something at him.

Of course, as a man…you are not going to take that crap. But, as you and I know…you don’t get to fight for free. If this was done as some bar down the street where the game was being watched…we’d all be in the paddy wagon.

                             Ron Artest

THE PISTONS, EXCLUDING RASHEED WALLACE. Where were they?? Ben Wallace overreacted to Artest’s “hard foul” the foul wasn’t malicious nor could have caused injury to Wallace. I know he was frustrated…with losing to their current rival at home…but it was stupid and pointless to start something.

The Pistons franchise will be fined HARD for this. While it isn’t their fault for what initially occurred…how in the heck did fans freely get on to the court??? The fans were throwing beer, popcorn, bottles, sodas, food and whatever may have been in their pockets at the players like it was some staged WWE match.

WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN….WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST How many women and children were in the areas of the melee?? Or people, in general, that had nothing to do with this? Technically…itwas the fan who threw the beer against Artest….but, Artest went into the crowd swinging…and then fans took that as an excuse to start wailing on him. There was no regard to who was around. You saw kids crying and scared. A woman lying on the ground. I’m sure everyone around was quite frightened. The BLESSING, I mean a complete BLESSINGin this was the fact that the Pacers had a comfortable lead in this game. Because of that, many fans had already left the game. Imaging if it was a close game and those crowds were as full as they were about 15 minutes before the riot?? My God. You could’ve had someone trampled….even more serious injuries…and a longer, bloodier battle.

STUPID SOLUTIONS. So how do you fix this?? I doubt it will. In the many games played Friday night….this was the only one with an incident. Though the fuel is all there….they aren’t going to ban anything because of this one fight. Beer sales won’t be effected. As we all know, beer sales are a huge money maker for arenas and NBA franchises. No, they aren’t going to push the front row of seats back either. Obviously, the wealthiest fans without a luxury box sit there. So, eliminating them is not an option. The truth is, aside from maybe a tighter security setup, nothing will be done.

Also, I seriously doubt that the NBA will be devastated by this. I mean, this is America…and we like to be shocked. This was certainly shocking! But, just as the Kings-Laker fight in the preseason of 2002 showed….fights just make rivalries more intense from the fans and players….not the mention the media. Of course, the damage will be done by the already perceived image of NBA players and overgrown, overpaid thugs. Certain people will point at this and say, “I told you they are nothing by animals!”

Suspensions are imminent. Ben Wallace will be suspended a couple of games for starting it with Artest. Ron Artest, Stephen Jackson and Jermaine O’Neal will all get substantial suspensions. Possibly 10-15 games each. Plus, if the NBA goes by it’s policy of suspending players who “leave the bench”…then everyone most likely misses a few games.


JOHNNYSEE: Coupla things; Artest had to climb five rows over half a dozen people to "defend" himself and when he got there, he attacked the wrong guy. Then, a minute later, he decked a fan that came out on the floor. Don't get me wrong. As a guy, I understand why he snapped. But he snapped - that's what happened here. The guy handled the Wallace shove perfectly - backed away even as Ben kept advancing and then layed down on the scorers table - great move! Then came the shower and, bam! He was up and gone... Bad move. Understandable move, but ultimately, very very bad. It's going to be an interesting couple of days while the league figures out what to do about this. For all we know, Artest and others may not even play for the rest of the season. One thing's certain, Detroit fans - or the ones involved in this - are pigs. I don't know who deserves what - an argument can be made that they were just protecting themselves... but it's a losing argument. You don't protect yourself by climbing into the stands. That's how you retaliate. Artest and Jackson are staring at what will probably be the most severe punishment and penalties in all of professional sports as the result of what has to be the worst fight in the history of professional sports. They didn't even finish the game, for Godssake. That's never happened, either.

KEYGRIP. I'll tell you what, if what I saw transpire is all there was to it, Stephen Jackson should get more of a punishment than Artest. I didn't see Jackson get hit by anyone, but he ran into the stands and started throwing punches. Artest had bottles and cups thrown at him before he got into it with fans, if none of the fans did anything to Jackson he's got a more severe punishment coming to him. Or should. Then again, unfortunately, Artest threw some shots at a fan that seemed to have nothing to do with it. It's a whole big MESS. This is the type of nonsense you usually see in baseball. Last year during the Finals a guy physically confronted Karl Malone too. From the angle of the camera I couldn't tell if he was on the court, but he was pretty damn close. Plus, other fans who were in the stands last night said that some of the fans were calling players "n*****." So although I don't condone Artest getting the nearest guy who looked to be the wrong person (that didn't throw anything at him), I got no problem whatsoever with what Artest did. Yeah, it's retaliation, and so is self defense. You throw out that slur you get your [buttocks] kicked. Point blank.

JOOHN K There is a certain image you have to retain as a professional athlete, getting hit with stuff happens, what he hsould of done was walked into the locker room and said forget this place, we kicked there [buttocks] I'm out of here. At NO point do you react like he reacted, he should of let the fan get the punishment, instead he escalated the entire thing.

JROWE. Yikes. I just saw more of the footage on the sports segment. Lots of action, and even embedded circles to show key parts of the brawl. Jermaine O'Neal will also get a suspension, as will Stephen Jackson. Artest was getting treatment, when a cup of beer was thrown on him. He's volatile and everyone knew he was going to go after that fan. If they find the fan, that seems to be assault and battery.

The fans are another thing. They should try and find as many as possible and prosecute with the heaviest fines and imprisonment possible. They contribute mightily to the action, in terms of thrown objects and liquids. This is insightful behavior, and how many of these guys were drunk? Add to that, a number of fans went out on the court. Also shown on the sports segment, was the police reviewing footage to identify non-players. They think that a fat guy is a media member who got involved (they showed what appeared to be a media credential hanging from his neck).

YCS. Artest through a hard foul at Wallace that deserves to be looked at but I don't think it warrants a suspension. The move into the stands warrants a suspension. That ignited the whole thing and put him in the situatio that followed. That warrants a suspension as well as throwing that initial punch, at the wrong guy I might add. After that, I can't find anything here that you can suspend him for. And I definitely can't find fault in his teammates actions afterwards. YOU DO NOT LEAVE A TEAMMATE IN THE STANDS AGAINST A MOB ON HIS OWN. You have to come help him. Whether it be by fighting or by getting him out of there, you can not just leave your teammate there. Looking at this thing as a whole, in this particular instance I side with the players. There has to be a way to stop people from thinking that they can do whatever they want just because they paid for those seats and feel pretty much unidentifiable because they are one of many. The mob mentality of sports crowds is a horrible thing.

There is a debate going on in here between self defense and retaliation. And it fits. The act of going into the crowd was retaliation by Artest and warrants suspesion. Every act from that ignition point on is in my opinion self defense. At that point every single one of the teammates is in protection mode. I applaud Jermaine O'neal, Fred Jones and Stephen Jackson for rushing to thier teammates side. Croshere for trying to get other people back, and basically every other player on that roster, coach, and assistant coach for doing what they did in trying to help artest. No it didn't help subdue the issue, but it was absolutely necessary. If the league suspends them because they feel they have to, I hope it's at a maximum one game.

KTMDOG. I was watching the thing on SC and I have to tell you, I don't blame the players at all. The detroit fans are lower than animals. They're cowards as well. MF's think paying a ciuple of hundred dollars gives them the right to physically assault people who are much larger and tougher than they are? I loved seeing the looks on the [unscrupulous fellows] eyes as they realized they were about to actually have to fight the players. Play with fire, get burned.

CHRISTMAS DAY 2004. Geez. First we had Shaq v Kobe. Now we also have the Pacers-Pistons first meeting since this riot. And the NBA and ABC knows EVERYONE will be watching.

Friday, November 19, 2004



Here is my take on this whole Monday Night Football Meets Desperate Housewives flap.

It is totally out of hand. As Tommy Lee Jones said in “Men In Black”….a person is smart but people are dumb. Meaning….a person can usually make his own decision about anything that goes on in his life. But, most people aren’t offended by something until they are told they were supposed to have been. Like, if you see a group of people running for their lives….you tend to start running too.

Here is how I witnessed the latest American Atrocity. I was at work….in the break room eating my dinner when the MNF game came on. I saw the intro with Terrell Owens and one of the women from the Desperate Housewives. We watched the whole thing….and all of us were rolling with laughter. Now, there was male, female, white, black, Japanese, young, old, hip, old fashioned, sports fans, non-sports fans, married, single, with and without children. Pretty much the whole demographic was there. Well….all but one [I’ll get to that point in a minute].

The one demographic that wasn’t with me in my break room to watch the game was…..a child. Now, I guess that a parent sitting at home watching that intro with their child had to feel a little uncomfortable. I understand that when watching a sporting event…you really weren’t planning on having a little innuendo before the first snap. But….this is sports…and the main demographic is MALE, ages 18-34. Well, 18-34 males aren’t the ones complaining about the skit. What this skit was designed to do was to, possibly, pull some 18-34 year old guys over to Desperate Housewives on Sundays. The wife can watch the drama….and you can watch the towels drop. That’s what ABC wanted. Heck, ABC got more than what they wanted since this is Friday and it is still an issue. And it will be interesting to see the ratings for Desperate Housewives this Sunday. Needless to say…those “offended people” weren’t going to watch that show anyways.

The NFL, in its same public relations stance, is disappointed at the skit. Of course. This is a league that fines players who socks aren’t pulled up all the way….or wear a non-NFL hat during postgame interviews. They frown on celebrations….and wearing a fallen soldier’s number on your helmet. Fine….rules are rules. But, DO NOT TELL ME that the NFL had no knowledge of the content of this sketch. I mean, Owens was in his Eagles uniform in the Eagles locker room. The NFL has to approve stuff like that. And, apparently, they did.

So, now the NFL is backpedaling….as they did when Janet Jackson’s wardrobe fell off her body. They publicly frown on bad lights shined upon them…but behind the scenes they are happy about the light on them in general. The NFL makes statements that they don’t condone such filth. Well….except for those lucrative beer commercials where women swoon over guys with a cool beer. Oh…or when the cameras zoom in on those cheerleaders….and that night was the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, arguably the most famous cheering squad in pro sports. 

NFL, please!!! You act like it is horrible that sex and football mix. You’re ad guys know that more women love the NFL than any other league. Hey….and check out NFL.com. On there….you can vote for the LEVITRA PLAY OF THE WEEK [www.nfl.com/playoftheweek]. Levitra is a drug for erectile dysfunction. Levitra, on the NFL’s site…is also running a contest where you can win tickets to the Super Bowl. Another erectile dysfunction drug….Cialis…had a commercial during the Super Bowl going on about 4-hour erections. I can see a Lablatts Blue commercial where a bear goes looking for his ball in a lady’s bedroom. When he shows his beer…the lady is intrigued to have Mr. Bear stick around for a while. Or how about…..those twins!

The NFL has dealt with a WR killing his pregnant girlfriend [Curruth], drug convicitions all over the league....and one of the biggest names in the NFL quit in the summer to smoke dope in Asia. 

Now….I really don’t understand the deal of the FCC looking in to this. The FCC has been on a crusade since the Super Bowl halftime show this past winter. Since then, radio disk jockeys and TV stations have been quivering in their boots. Many have 10 second delays so a Shaq or Dale Earnhardt Jr. won’t get caught dropping “s” bombs. So…why investigate the NFL for lewdness? I mean, those sound dishes pick up more “s-bombs” and “f-bombs” along with close-ups of coaches cussing out officials. If you look at the fall schedule….you’ll find that on other nights at 9pm [which is when MNF comes on], there are shows that have way more racier content. “The Batchelor” is on Wednesdays at 9 and is full of skanky women backstabbing each other to gain the….uh, love….of one man. Or from noon until 4.…you can see worse than that on The Stories [aka Soap Operas]. If the FCC is so into correcting what I can watch and hear….then tell them to kick these reality shows out of here.

I mean…what is the difference if that skit was done on the “set” of Survivor?? Or on King Of Queens??

Take your meds, NFL. This isn’t the XFL where you had cheerleaders soaking in a hot tub. It was a minor skit that was more funny than offensive.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Some NBA Nice Starts

WHO NEEDS COLLEGE?  How hard is it to tell these high school kids to stay in school??  Right now, the top 3 scorers in the NBA entered the draft out of high school [LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Amare Stoudamire] and the #4 guy didn’t go to college either [Dirk Nowitzki].  James, himself is averaging over 28 points, 5.7 assists and nearly 9 boards a night. 


RON ARTEST.  Yeah, you’ve heard about this guy.  But more for his label, dropping R&B albums and a roundtable discussion of athlete’s actions than his game.  But, “quietly” Artest is 9th in the NBA in scoring.  Shooting at a 52% clip….and over 41% from behind the arc.  Not bad from the defending Defensive MVP. 


AMARE STOUDAMIRE.  He won the Rookie of the Year Award in 2003.  Last season, injuries and a mid-season trade of Marbury knocked the Suns down a peg and Stoudamire didn’t have that great season.  But, this year he’s gotten off to a great start.  He’s averaging 27.6 points and almost 9 boards per game and shooting a whopping 57% from the field. 


KEITH VAN HORN.  Remember that KVH was drafted right behind Tim Duncan in 1997.  While Duncan is arguably the best big man in the NBA….KVH seems to be like the flu.  No one wants him around.  He’s been a Net, Sixer, Knick and a Buck.  Many depth charts had him coming off the bench this season.  But, alas, he’s averaging over 20 ppg, nabbing 9.3 rpg and shooting 43% behind the arc. 


GRANT HILL.  I’m not a Grant Hill fan [he’s a Dookie].  But, it is amazing to see him average 20 a night after not playing, really, for the past 4 seasons.  He can still do it athletically…but he seems to have gained that Michael Jordan skill of just being smarter than anyone else on the court.  And with a team led by Steve Francis, he’s not the defense’s focal point.  The last time I’ve seen someone play this well


ZYDRUNAS ILGAUSKAS.  On a team with LeBron James…it is easy to forget about Big Z.  Well, he seems to finally be healthy and putting up 20 and pulling down 8 a night. 


PAUL GASOL.  We all knew he was good….just look at his damage in the Olympics….but the guy is averaging over 18 pts on 10 shots per game.  Amazing


DWIGHT HOWARD.  The 18-year old rookie trails only Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan in rebounding.  The number 2 pick, Emeka Okafor, also is averaging over 10 boards a game.<


MO WILLIAMS.  The Bucks point man keeps on plugging away….3rd in the NBA in assists. 


PRIMO BREZEC.  Someone on the new Charlotte Bobcats would have to play way over their head.  Well, Primo is averaging 14 pts, 7 boards and shooting 55% from the field.  And he’s one of those centers that shoots jumpers….not dumks. 


CHRIS WILCOX.  The Clippers forward is one of the reasons LA is doing well.  His 16.8 pts and 8 boards a night has been quite animprovement. 

Monday, November 15, 2004

Barry Bonds 7 MVPs

Barry Bonds will bring his 7th MVP award this week.  Seven.  Seven.  Seven.  That is completely unreal.  Oh…how is FOUR STRAIGHT MVP awards for you??  Four straight. 


That is more than Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, Ted Williams and Willie Mays put together.  Seven MVP awards since 1990.  And, if you do the math….that means only 8 times in that span did someone else won it in the National League. 


He broke the tie with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar [who leads the NBA with 6 MVP awards] to own sole possession of second place in sports.  Only Wayne Gretzky’s 9 NHL MVP awards tops Bonds. 


He became only the second man to lead his league in hitting when he was older than 40.  The other is Ted Williams.  He is the oldest man to hit 45home runs.  His on-base percentage was .609….the all-time best mark in the history of the game.  He led the league in slugging, Only himself and Babe Ruth reached base more than he did this year….376 times.  He had 101 RBI….and only recorded 373 at-bats.  That means, technically, a third of the time he had an at-bat…someone scored.  He walked 232 times this year, including 120 intentional walks [no MLB team was within 50 of that mark]. 


Heck….if he was in the AL, Bonds Intentional Walks would lead with 120, Bonds Unintentional Walks would be second with 112, Eric Chavez would be third with 95.   If Bonds never had a base hit all season….he still would have a higher on-base percentage than Juan Pierre….the guy who led the NL in hits.  Yet, despite all those walks…he still put up 45 HR, 101 RBI, .362, 129 runs.  That is how SICK his numbers are. 


Then, think about this:  He should have 9 MVP awards already.  Terry Pendleton and Jeff Kent's trophies should be sitting on Bonds' mantle.

Good GM/Bad GM

This was written by an ol' pal YCSJ.  It is a great read...so I'm sharing it to you guys:  

Good GM:   Sign Howard Eisley to a minimum deal.  A decent player, willing defender and willing teammate.  The biggest criticizms for him is that he's not the greatest shooter and that he was overpaid.  The buyout took care of the overpayment, and now you have a decent peice added tot he puzzle at very low cost.  Well done Coach Riley.  

Bad GM:   Sign Eddie Robinson to anything but the NBDL.  A complaining athlete who doesn't actually play basketball all that well.  Turned three solid months into a long term contract by Jerry Krause.  Has languished on the bench, and basically rightfully so for the chicago bulls for the last few years.  Who signs him?  WHO ELSE?!  Isiaih Thomas.  Fortunatley for Isaiah, Robinson failed his physical, so he won't have to live with the mistake he just made.  This is the second time this year Thomas went after a player in chicago while trying to change the losing ways of the knicks.  Tsk Tsk.     

Good GM:   Sign Brian Cardinal while everyone else is looking at Kobe Bryant and Erick Dampier.  Cardinal is one of the rare guys taht fits the 180 club.  Throw the fact that he's a hustle guy on the court and he's jsut a productive player to have.  Memphis has been struggling of late, but they'll turn it around, and players like Cardinal(and posey and watson previously), will be big reasons why.  Who else?  The legend himself, Jerry West gets credit for this one.    

Bad GM:   Take athletes over basketball players merely because they are athletes.  An Isaiah Thomas patented manuever.  We already mentioned the signing of the athleticly gifted Eddie Robinson.  Lets throw two other moves he's done over the past year.  First he dealt Keith Van Horn who was playing very wlel for the team, for Tim Thomas, an athletic player, who actually is a skilled basketball player, but someone who hasn't developed at all in the last 7 years, and has underachieved everywhere.  More athletic?  Yes.  Better Basketball player?  No.  Second Move.  Signing of Jamal Crawford for a 56 million dollar deal essentially making either him or Allan Houston to go to the bench.  Is Jamal Crawford a decent player?  sure.  Tremendous athlete.  Absolutely.  Better basketball player then Allan Houston?  Not a chance.  Again blinded by the athleticism.  Crawford will have the flashiest 30 point games twice a month.  Houston will get you over 20 a game for an entire season.  In Isiah Thomas's quest for athleticism, he's traded away his third best player and benched his second best player.  A few more years of this and people will be wishing for the good old days of Scot Layden.  

Good GM:   Don't overpay and Don't panic.  Two Joe Dumars trademarks.  Lost Mehmet Okur to overpayment by Utah, and alot of noise was being made by Rasheed Wallace wanting to go to NY.  Instead of trying to make an outrageous move to keep Okur, he bid him farewell and signed the better Antonio Mcdyess for much less money.  With Rasheed Wallace, he didn't overpay for fear of him leaving town, he gave him a reasonable offer, and he ended up staying.  Calm.  Cool.  Collected.  Calculating.  Joe D is the same way upstairs as he was on the basketball court.  

Bad GM:   Overpay in a flurry of deals moves and signings, just to make moves, deals, and signings:  NY wasn't exaclty in a terrific sitaution before.  It could have let go of Antonio Mcdyess's contract over this summer and been on the way to cap flexibility in a few years.  Instead it took the contracts of Marbury(worth it), and Penny Hardaway(worth it circa 1994, not anymore), signed Jamal Crawford, took Tim Thomas's contract, and this team won't see any cap movement till 2007 if that.  Crawford and Marbury are on the books til 2009 and 2011.  We're almost in what?  2005?  Will this team ever get enough flexibility to actually build around Crawford and Marbury?  Could they?  Perhaps.  Wlil they?  Who's up there... Isiaih Thomas.  Looks like another decade of mediocrity for the Knicks before they have a chance of rebuilding.    

Good GM:    Make the most out of bad situations:  Amazingly Jim Paxson gets the award for this one.  A horrible exec in his own right.  After losing out on the Carlos Boozer fiasco, pulled a sweet deal to bring Eric Snow into the lineup and then traded for Drew Gooden who's been palying himself into a long term future with the team.  Rather then get panicky and make unfair deals, Paxson evaluated his situation, and found ways to bring his team right back to if not better then the situation it was previously.  Brilliant.  Kevin O'Conner deserves a mention here for what he did with the Jazz.  

Bad GM:   Stabalize a team for years in a ruinious environment:  I could easily go mention Thomas here again, but I won't.  I'll go with Chris Mullin.  Trading players for cap space, and then obliterating that cap space for Troy Murphy, Adonal Foyle, Jason Richardson, and Derek Fisher at a combined 4 billion dollars.  Murphy and Richardson signed for a total of rumor has it(terms were not disclosed, maybe sportz knows the exact amounts), of over 100 million dollars.  Good players?  Sure.  Now would you trade Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, or Jermaine O'neal for em?  Not a chance.  Overpaying that amount for two people instead of one, still means you have that much in overpaid contracts.  Derek Fisher and Adonal Foyle need no explanation.  Between Nelson, St. Jean and now Mullin, it appears Golden State has had the worst management in pro baskteall for the last 15 years.


This week…instead of lining up the winners and losers of each game….I’ll look at what is going on in each conference…break them down into categories….and see who’s got the juice for a postseason run.


The Eagles and Falcons have a nice leg up for both their division races and a first round bye. Philly looks to be the NFC’s best team…but they do have games remaining against the Rams and Packers….as well as at the Giants. Atlanta owns a 3-game lead over the Saints in the South…with their only games against winning teams is next week at home against the Giants and the season finale at Seattle. The Rams and Packers are both in virtual ties for first place….so neither team has a solid grasp. However, Green Bay did beat Minnesota this past week….and St. Louis has beaten Seattle twice already.


Right now, the Hawks and Vikes are tied for division leads…though neither has the tiebreaker. Minnesota is looking forward to the Christmas Eve showdown against the Packers. But, they do have a tough road. They still have the Lions twice, Jaguars, Packers, Seahawks and at a tough Chicago team….before the season finale at Washington. The Giants also have a tough road…with the Falcons, Eagles, Ravens, in Cincinnati and Steelers left on the schedule…plus winnable games against the Skins and Boys. Seattle seems to have the easier road….with games against Buffalo, Miami, Dallas and Arizona…but they do have the Vikings, Jets and Falcons in three straight weeks in December.


If I told you that these four teams would be in the bunch trying to sneak up for a wildcard spot….you’d have me hanged. But, alas, they are right there. New Orleans has a legit shot. They face the Falcons twice and the Broncos at home next week. Other than that…it is Carolina twice, Dallas and Tampa. Detroit and Chicago will have to earn their way in. Both have the Vikings and Packers left on the sked [Detroit has Minny twice]. Both have the Colts…and they have each other. The Bears have to go toJacksonville. Arizona has a tough road, too…with the Lions, Jets, Rams and Seahawks on the slate still.


Technically…these teams are alive….logistically they are not. Dallas and San Francisco ’ defenses sucks. The offenses in Tampa and Washington suck. Injuries have just killed Carolina. All would basically have to run the table to get into the postseason….and they all have tough games. How’s this for a remaining schedule: Washington has 7-1 Philadelphia TWICE and 8-1 Pittsburgh once. Not to mention 5-4 Minnesota and 5-4 NY Giants.

SPORTZ NFC PREDICITIONS: The Eagles and Falcons should cruise to division titles and first round byes. St. Louis wins the West with a 10-6 record. That Packers-Vikings winner will win the North and the loser will be the wildcard team. Seattle will slide into the playoffs…since 5 of their last 7 games are at home.


Unlike the NFC, the AFC races are a tad more intriguing. While the Steelers and Patriots are tied for the NFL’s top mark…both must face off serious charges from the Ravens and Jets, respectively. New England has the Dolphins and Niners left on their schedule…so signs point to them winning the East. The Steelers have some tough foes remaining…but not an overbearingly tough schedule. Heck, they beat undefeated teams in back-to-back weeks already! The Colts can win the rest of their games…although there are some land mines out there for them. Denver has a pretty simple schedule remaining.


All four of these teams have a great chance of winning their divisions. The Jags and Chargers are currently tied for the division lead. All have tough schedules remaining. Baltimore’s only road games are in New England, Indy and Pittsburgh. Ouch! They have a stellar defense…but the offense isn’t looking to good. And Jamal Lewis doesn’t look good with Ogden out. San Diego can win the West. If Brees keeps playing like he is and his receivers are getting open….they have a great shot to win. Jacksonville is a pretty good team…but they have Minnesota, Pittsburgh and Green Bay coming up. If Leftwich is gimpy…they may lose a game or two. I’m not as sold on the Jets, however….they may be left out. If you look at their first 9 games…they’ve played Miami twice, Buffalo twice and San Francisco. Here are the Jets final four games: at Pitt, Seattle, New England and at St. Louis. Double ouch!


Houston is the best of this bunch….too bad they play in such a tough division. They have the Colts and Jags left…and they’ll be looking for blood. If Houston can knock those guys off…they do have a shot to make it interesting. Cincy is a hopeful….and a doubtful. Their defense is just too porous to make a nice run at the playoffs. Not to mention they still have to go to Philly and Foxboro. And, yeah, I did put the Chiefs in there despite their 3-6 mark. They have that kind of offense that can make a big run….though unlikely. They have the Chargers twice and Broncos once…so they can get back into the West race. Not to mention easier games against Oakland (twice). But, to do this, they MUST beat the Pats Monday night.


None of these teams have the ability to leap frog the rest of the field to be considered a playoff team. Butch Davis has lost his Browns team. Buffalo has a stretch of 4 of 5 on the road. Oakland will be playing people that are fighting for the postseason. Miami is just hoping the new year gets here soon.

SPORTZ AFC PREDICTIONS: New England will be the top seed because of their remaining sked. Pittsburgh wins the North….Denver the West (just because) and Indianapolis eeks out the South title. San Diego will get one wildcard….Jacksonville, the other.



R.I.P. to the O.D.B.

Friday, November 12, 2004


Dickie Nutt looks to have his Arkansas State team ready for the grind of the Sun Belt season.


I am not Dookie V...who is now on the Carolina bandwagon....but I can read and reseach.  And because of this....I give you my picks for Nine Mid-Major Conferences.  -Sportz



TEAMS TO KNOW: Gonzaga will be ranked and should win the conference again. They’ve been to the tourny 6 straight years….only Arizona and Stanford have longer streaks out west. The Zags lost Blake Stepp but still have Ronny Turiaf, who was himself thinking about the NBA. They have Georgia Tech, Oklahoma State, Illinois and Missouri on their schedule….so they’re non-conference schedule is solid. The Zags normal foe, Pepperdine, will again try to knock off the might Bulldogs. Santa Clara could be in the hunt as well…since the WCC tournament is on their home floor.

NAME TO KNOW: Ronny Turiaf. He’s the best NBA prospect in the conference….a matchup few in the WCC can cope with.

NAME YOU MAY ALREADY KNOW: Paul Westphal. The Pepperdine coach has made a name for himself as a player and coach with the Phoenix Suns..



TEAMS TO KNOW: Southern Illinois were the hot mid-major team of 2003-2004. Only two starters return from their 25-5 team…and last year’s coach Matt Painter is now in Purdue to take over for Gene Keady. They are the strong favorite to make their 4th straight NCAA field. Wichita State and Northern Iowa both lag a little behind SIU…but could make a MVC tourny run, as Northern Iowa did last year to sneak into the tournament.

NAME TO KNOW: Darren Brooks. This SIU senior guard led the Salukis in scoring and rebounding last season and is an awesome defender.

NAME YOU MAY ALREADY KNOW: Tom Davis. Remember Dr. Tom Davis?? The former Iowa Hawkeye coach with 555 lifetime wins is in his second season at Drake.



TEAMS TO KNOW: Toledo has everyone back from a 20-win team and could make their first NCAA berth since 1981. They have a myriad of scorers and an overall quick team. Eastern Michigan, who had a great season last year, will again vie for the MAC title with Ben Reed and Marcus Austin. Also look out for possible surprises from Buffalo and Ball State…as well as MAC stalwarts Miami-OH and Kent State.

NAME TO KNOW: Keith Triplett. He led Toledo in scoring last season and a sweet shooter. When the Rockets need a hoop…he’s gonna provide it.

NAME YOU MAY ALREADY KNOW: Charlie Coles. The Miami coach is the dean of the MAC and seems to always get the best out of his Redhawks program.



TEAMS TO KNOW: Manhattan is trying to become the Gonzaga of the MAAC. They have the resources and have signed their coach thru 2010. Niagara always plays Manhattan well….and could be the Jaspers’ foil this year. They could be good enough to upend Manhattan…especially with the tourney in Buffalo.

NAME TO KNOW: Keydren Clark, St. Peter’s. He led the nation in scoring last season with 26.7 ppg. The first sophomore to do so in 30 years. You have to guard him once he gets off the bus.

NAME YOU MAY ALREADY KNOW: Deng Gai. The Fairfield center was flirting with the NBA last season after an injury plagued 2003-4 season. He’s Emeka Okafor without the notice. And, you’ll know his name as “that Dang Guy!”



TEAMS TO KNOW: There are a few teams that could win the CAA. My pick is George Mason. There is talent all over the floor and they are very well coached. Drexel and Old Dominion have players that could carry their team to the CAA title….but aren’t as well rounded. Last year’s champ, VCU, loses their top two scorers from a team that lost to Wake Forest by a point in the NCAA tourney.

NAME TO KNOW: Alex Loughton. The ODU center is a beast on the inside and could be a 20-10 guy this year.

NAME YOU MAY ALREADY KNOW: Jeff Capel. The VCU coach who had his team in the tournament last year is best known for his time as Duke point guard….and the guy who hit that half-court shot to send them to overtime in the classic game with North Carolina. Miami-FL and Auburn wanted his services after the Commodores nice run.



TEAMS TO KNOW: East Tennessee State is the cream of the crop here. A 15-1 league mark and another tourney appearance. ETSU is developing a mini-dynasty in the SoCo. Chattanooga loses coach Jeff Lebo to Auburn….but hosts the Southern Tourney. Davidson will be in the mix with their tough defense and great rebounding ability….things that can move you thru a conference tourney.

NAME TO KNOW: Brendan Winters. The Davidson guard will get lots of touches and the main option for the Wildcats.

NAME YOU MAY ALREADY KNOW: Tim Smith. The ETSU guard lit up Cincinnati in the NCAA tourney last year for 26 points. The 5-9 guard is quick and has a gun on him.



TEAMS TO KNOW: Utah State was 25-3 last year and didn’t get to the NCAA tournament. Their soft schedule may contribute to that…but USU was ranked in the top 25. They have a sizable from line to do damage in their final season of Big West play. The team that did get the bid was Pacific…who scored a first round knockout of Providence and tied with USU for top record in the conference. They return 7 seniors form last year’s team. UCSB and Cal-Northridge could make some noise….though not on the Aggies and Tigers scale.

NAME TO KNOW: Ian Boylan was the Big West tourney MVP as his Northridge team upset Utah State in the semifinals and lost by a mere 3 to Pacific in the title tilt. He can play both guard spots and swing-forward.

NAME YOU MAY ALREADY KNOW: Pacific’s Gillaume Yango had a huge NCAA tournament. He scored 18 and nabbed 5 boards against Ryan Gnomes and Providence in round one….then scored 22 on Kansas in their second round loss.



TEAMS TO KNOW: In a conference that ranges from Miami to Colorado….the Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin’ Cajuns seem to continue to be the league’s best. They did lose two head coaches in the off season….one to San Francisco and the other for lying on his resume. Middle Tennessee will struggle with Tommy Gunn [best name in basketball] gone. New Orleans and Little Rock could make a small challenge.

NAMES(S) TO KNOW: This conference has names to know. I told you about ex-MTSU guard Tommy Gunn. Well, their coach is Kermit Davis. Jaques Pate plays in South Alabama. The Cajuns have Robert “E” Lee as their new coach. The best, however, is Arkansas State’s coach, Dick Nutt.

NAME YOU MAY ALREADY KNOW: Former Illinois legend Lou Henson is in New Mexico State and working on his 762 career wins.



TEAMS TO KNOW: The ones with the hyphens. Illinois-Chicago look to repeat their NCAA bid season with two fifth-year seniors returning. And, just like last year, Wisconsin-Green Bay and Wisconsin-Milwaukee look to make their own runs. UW-M had the best Horizon record last year…but lose player of the year Dylan Page.

NAME TO KNOW: UIC’s point-man Cedrick Banks is a legit NBA prospect.

NAME YOU MAY ALREADY KNOW: Former McDonald’s All-American and Michigan State transfer Brandon Cotton should start at point when he becomes eligible after the first semester.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

LeBron James Is The King!

The NBA season is very, very young. But already there have been banner moments. You have the whole Shaq-v-Kobe thing. Latrell Sprewell is trying to find ways to feed his family. Ron Artest needs some time off to promote his rap album. Jason Kidd and Alonzo Mourning want out of New Jersey.

I’ve taken on those topics….and now on to this one: King or Melo.


Of course, the first pick was LeBron James. He had a fabulous rookie season and is one of the biggest names, already, in the NBA. I think the last rookie to make this kind of splash in the NBA was Shaq. A friend of mine, Kevin [Ktmdog@aol.com], broke down his early season play:

I know it's early in the season, but geez, looks like I was only off by a year or so about this kid. Before I saw him play a single game in the pros I said he would be one of the top 10 players in the game as soon as he donned an NBA uniform. Well, his rookie numbers 21/6/6 were pretty spectacular but he wasn't quite a top 10 player. Now the kid seems to have learned how to play ball a little bit to go along with his incredible physical gifts. Anyone who doesn't have him in the top 5 players in the game is simply nuts! As much of a Kobe fan as I am (And that includes thinking he could ultimately blossom into the G.O.A.T) and I know his numbers this season are partly due to a foot injury, LeBron is the one guy who has more physical talent than Kobe. Like I said when I first saw him in that high school game, as big as Malone, as fast as Iverson, passes like Kidd, sees the court like Magic and leaps like Michael. He is a freak and I believe has more talent than any basketball player I have ever seen. His leap in maturity from year one to year two has been astonishing and bodes well for this dude. And to think just when he becomes a free agent, we'll [Lakers] be clearing up some salary cap space!

LeBron has played leaps and bounds above what even his biggest supporters thought. I also think that he’s gotten better because of four major things. ONE, his NBA experience from last year. I don’t care how well he played….it does take some time to adjust to the NBA. The coaching, the minutes, the amount of games, the officiating, the speed, the size. This just proves how great of a player he is that he can work out those kinks. TWO, his Olympic experience. Yes, the experience wasn’t that good for America…but it was for LeBron. This was the first time he had to sit and watch other players play…and not him. More adjustments to make….as he’s found out what he needs to clean up to get him to they guy USA Basketball is begging him to play…not adding him on. THREE, humility. The Olympics brought some….but the losing season in Cleveland brought some, too. I’d bet he hasn’t lost that many games in his life. Losing is a part of the NBA…and whether you are from high school, Duke or anywhere else…it is hard to adjust to losing games at the rate you can in the NBA. And FOUR, his new team. Jeff McInnis and Eric Snow allow LeBron James to flow more in the offense…not set it up. It relieves LeBron from his ball handling duties and keeps him fresh. Also, for some reason, Drew Gooden gets passed around the league even though he is a darn good talent. As Kevin said, LeBron is the kind of guy that makes everyone around him so much better.


Now, on to Carmelo Anthony…who has had the opposite effect. Melo came out of college as a National Champion and was compared favorably to LeBron. His Nuggets went to the playoffs last year…partly because of him…partly because of free agent Andre Miller…and party because guys like Nene stepped up and developed. Melo deserves all of the accolades and praise he got.


But, Melo had a poor Olympic showing and clashed with coach Larry Brown [who passed on Anthony in the 2003 NBA Draft for seldom used Darko Milicic]. He complained about his playing time…and we he did play, played poorly.

But, the NBA season is upon us and the Nuggsare a trendy pick to do things. But, a season opening loss to the Lakers that took Voshon Lenard out for most of the season has dampened things. Denver has no replacement for him…and the offense is quite stagnant. This is forcing Anthony to take bad shots [shooting 31%] and the Nuggets to hold down a 1-4 record. The team is quitting on its coach…and now comes the rumor that Anthony may get benched…which cannot be good for the team morale.

The team itself has problems. Lenard’s injury means the team has no real perimeter presence. They’ve played Greg Buckner, Earl Boykins and Dermarr Johnson in his place….none are known as great shooters. So, those shots must be taken by Anthony….and he isn’t hitting them.

To me….this is the crux of their differences between the two players. Denver has more talent than Cleveland. Yet everyone of that team is struggling to score. Kenyon Martin is the only Nugget to shoot well [51.7%]….but gets only 11 shots a game. Carmelo isn’t making his team better.


Meanwhile, in Cleveland, Big Z is averaging over 20 a game…and everyone is involved. James is averaging over 28 points [12 more than Melo]…almost 8 rebounds and 6.5 assists. Oh, yeah….and he is shooting 46%. But, stats don’t do him justice. Watch a Cavs game. His poise and court demeanor are just unreal. He IS like a Magic Johnson out there.

That’s why they call him King James.

A Look Back At My NCAA Pigskin Picks

I’ve taken a gander at my NFL PREVIEW and posted my hits and misses. Now, on to my “Elite Eight” preseason College Football picks that seemed controversial at the time. Here we go.

1-USC TROJANS.    2--OKLAHOMA SOONERS. These two schools are sitting right there at #1 and #2.…though Oklahoma has had some scares of late. Those big games I mentioned, the Sooners all won. And that Leinart + Bush combo does seem to be a nice combo, don’t ya think???

3-GEORGIA BULLDOGS. Currently, Georgia is ranked #5 with their lone defeat coming at the hands of Tennessee. Despite that close loss…I still like the Dawgs to win the whole thing….but they need one of the top teams to get knocked off. BIG game against Auburn this week.

4-MIAMI HURRICANES. . Two weeks ago….I’d be sitting pretty here. Then, Miami has lost to North Carolina and AT HOME to Clemson in back-to-back weeks. This week, they have to go to Virginia. So much for “cruising thru the ACC”.

5-LSU TIGERS. LSU got off to a rocky start…but are 6-2 and sitting at a #15 ranking. Their final two games are winnable.

6-FLORIDA STATE SEMINOLESMan, those Noles. They lose to Miami….then on the same weekend Miami loses for the first time…they get tripped up by the Terps. That key, Chris Rix, is now on the outside looking in.

7-TEXAS LONGHORNS Well, Texas’ only loss was to the Sooners…and they were shut out no less. Currently ranked, um, #7.

8-FLORIDA GATORS My stretch pick hasn’t worked out. Zook’s hot seat has smoldered and the program seems to be in a state of flux.

So….there ya go. A breakdown of my picks. Oh, yeah….I did say that they were “controversial” didn’t I?? That’s because I got a nice pack of detractors that chimed in with their takes. So, let me look at their takes and see if they did any better [and, mind you, not on such a wide scale].

Rutgers will finish with one loss and finish in the top ten!!!!
Comment from
petria7 - 9/6/04 9:33 AM

Wow…..great pick there.

I have seen like alot of other people, that you have no Big 10 teams in your list, instead you have teams like Miami, FSU, Texas(where on earth do you get them in the top ten?!?!), and Florida?!?!. 4 teams that didn't make it too the Big game last year, Miami is the closest to that, and they are very overrated by EVERYBODY. FSU doesn't have a Quarterback, Texas hasn't ever beaten the Sooners in the past couple of years(in fact i think they were blown out last year). They also dont play well enough to be that good. And Florida? You've got to be kidding me, what were they 8-5 last year? The days of Florida domminence are gone, with the loss of Miami's Seniors over the past two years, the loss of Steve S. from Florida, and the fact that FSU got beat by CLEMSON last year, kinda shows that. I'll give you a top 10 that's more like this:

1. University of Southern Cal
2. University of Georgia
3. Oklahoma
4. (tie) University of Michigan
(tie) The Ohio State University
6. LSU
7. University of Miami(OH)
8. University of Miami(FL)
9. West Virginia
10. Purdue
Comment from
billymoon1 - 9/6/04 9:09 AM

I will say this…I was really down on the Big Ten….and I think it is justified. Yeah, Wisconsin [the team MANY people here slept on] seems to be legit. But I don’t like Michigan…people who picked Ohio State are just as guilt as me in picking Florida for bad judgement. So is having Miami-OH up there. Purdue has fallen off a cliff.


Florida and LSU will not/should not be "elite". This may be a sleeper year--like Fresno State type. Not having a Big Ten Team is nuts--Michigan, Ohio State, Purdue have great defensive athletes, with Purdue having a very experienced QB.
Comment from
billykopf - 9/6/04 8:15 AM

You turned out to be correct. Florida nor LSU are “elite”….but they are pretty, alright. Again…I may be nuts for not having a Big Ten team…but none of the teams you mentioned are in the top 8 either.


you need to drink more of what you have been drinking, the big ten should have two teams in what you call the top 8.
you had to be drunk when you watched games this week end or what we all think is true, that you really don't have an idea of what you are saying.
Comment from
pete101945 - 9/6/04 4:46 AM

Aside from Florida….all the teams I picked are doing quite well.


Texas???..........like you said Texas needs to win the BIG game.......last one they won was in 1970...... replace Texas with say a long shot........West Virginia...
Comment from
wcincyreds57 - 9/5/04 10:38 PM

West Virginia is a good long shot….especially with their easy schedule [only one ranked opponent]. But, despite people’s hatred for Texas…there are still in the hunt for a BCS bid.


Keep your eyes on Washington State... Their identity as an offensively strong team that fights with bare fists to the bitter end is already solitified... The shear size and ability of Swogger alone is making this Alumni looking for top 10 ratings...(and a beer)
Comment from
wherestjohnson - 9/5/04 10:37 PM

The Cougars are 4-5 and are in the lower tier of the Pac-10.


What about the Wolverines? They got to be in the top 8. I know they have a young QB but they still have to be there.
Comment from
kemfam1 - 9/5/04 10:02 PM

With two games left…they could be a Top 8 team. They still have to go to Ohio State, and despite their sub-par season….can beat the Wolverines.


I see the Buckeyes.....are not noted in the mix.....ya gotta love it....
It's a CANE thing!!!!
Comment from
miamidolfan1972 - 9/5/04 7:47 PM

I agree with you here….until my Tar Heels surprisingly beat your Canes. Miami’s defense is a big problem. They could, feasibly lose to more games this season [Virginia and V-tech].


Please would everyone quit picking schools from the big 12. They lost just about every bowl game they played last year. Okalohoma plays a patsy schedule Nebraska and colorodo are not near as good as they used to be And K State struggled against E. Kentucky. My bet is someone from the SEC will emerge to play Usc for the title game. Also winner of Fla state Miami game could have a sayat the end of the year. The big 12 conference winner no matter who it is should be banned from title game for lack of a schedule outside of their conference.
Comment from
sus86310 - 9/5/04 7:44 PM

The Big XII North is completely horrible. IOWA STATE is leading!!!!! That’s right…a possible Iowa State-Oklahoma Big XII title game!!!! But, Oklahoma and Texas are right there in the top 8...with Texas Tech playing quite well [2 of their 3 losses were against OU and UT].


Most of you are right. The Big Ten (11) rarely gets the respect they deserve. Anyone following college football in recent years would see Ohio State and Michigan in this "top 8" group. GO BUCKS!!!
Comment from
holtcd - 9/5/04 1:31 PM

Nope….and, like I said…no one mentions Wisconsin.


LSU is not the team it was last year.....as we saw this past Saturday....Oregon State is again a "spoiler team".....and will hurt many other bowl bound teams.... of course the PAC10 was again ignored....except for USC......the top two teams in the PAC10, USC and OREGON will battle for the ROSE BOWL....but unfortuantely, they do not play each other this year......
Comment from
uniburg - 9/5/04 1:18 PM

Cal and Arizona State have had nice seasons in the Pac-10. People tend to forget about them. Oregon isn’t going to threaten the Rose Bowl bid.


You can tell who ever did this has no football sence what so ever, where is MICHIGAN, Washington, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Iowa, Why do you guys keep picking all those Florida teams? Just so you can look like IDIOTS at the end of the year. MICHIGAN just man handled a team that had a 14 game,(the longest) win streak in the nation. AHHH DUHH!!! You will see..........................................
Comment from
vladi97169 - 9/5/04 11:51 AM

Alas….someonesaid Wisconsin! But, they also said Michigan manhandled a team that won 14 games in a row last year. Yeah, and the QB that won those games is currently winning in the NFL for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Also…let’s look at another team on that list….WASHINGTON!?!?!! The Huskies are 1-8 [0-6 in the Pac-10] and were beaten by Arizona. And you have the NERVE to call people “idiots”????????????????


Where are all of you Big Ten Teams? The Big Ten is just as strong as ever and several teams should be up in that mix including Ohio State, Michigan, and Iowa. Ohio State may have lost some players on both sides of the ball but it looks as if they are going to be just as strong as before. Ohio State all the way!
Comment from
dnlserafini - 9/5/04 10:31 AM

Now, the Big Ten is “strong“….not great. Wisconsin has two tough road games…and if they win them they are, at least, in the Rose Bowl [possibly the Orange Bowl].


you forgot the best team in the big 10 and that would be MICHIGAN, very very good football team on both sides of the ball. they have very good quarterbacks (3) all who can start, great recievers, great defence, the running game needs a little work, but still solid. MICHIGAN can beat anybody in the nation. GOOOOO BLUEEEEE. tbear329
Comment from
tbear329 - 9/5/04 9:09 AM

I did forget the best team in the Big 10.….Wisconsin.


USC has only only two games that might pose a problem, Cal and UCLA. Cal is a good team that gives them fits every year. UCLA is just an unpredictable game. Not having Mike Williams and Keary Kolbert is bad for Matt Leinart. Reggie Bush is a great player, but you can't rest your offense on a two player combo. LenDale White is the X factor on that offense. With Norm Chow leading the offense and Pete Carroll leading the defense, there isn't a coach out there that will out coach those two this season. Great season for the Trojans,a national championship well within there grasp, especially with there mediocre schedule. Also, Michigan is so much better than Florida. Florida teams get too much credit. The Gators are overrated every year. Michigan gets no respect, yet still wins. Michigan needs to be on the list, higher than Florida, higher than FSU!
Comment from
teufel314 - 9/5/04 7:36 AM

UCLA will be a tough game…but I think USC will beat them and get to the Orange Bowl.


The Oklahoma Sooners are back and better than ever. Jason White is healthy again (was badly hurt in last two games of last year), is now able to play without last years knee braces. Can you believe in winning the Heisman last year he threw for 4,000 yards, 40 TD's and only 10 INT's with braces on both legs? OU's running game is back (pulled a Bush and went AWOL last year), as well as a tight end receiver corps. Should Jason go down, OU has 3 excellent QB's backing him up. Running back position is also loaded with Jones, Adrian Peterson, and Wolfe (last years #1 and #4 national recruits) White passed for 238 yards today, 21 of 31, 3 TD's and probably had 5 passes dropped that were perfect. Jones ran for 158 yards, and Peterson 100 in his debut against a very good Bowling Green team which won 11 games last season, beat Purdue and Northwestern, should have beaten Ohio State, and returned 19 starters. Look for OU in Miami against weak scheduled Southern Cal, or maybe Florida State in a 4th rematch.
Comment from
kmacg125 - 9/5/04 3:30 AM

Great breakdown.


Comment from
jggonz1 - 9/5/04 1:19 AM



Comment from
crflame13 - 9/5/04 1:15 AM

Michigan may play in the Rose Bowl….as Wisconsin plays USC in the Orange Bowl.


You, as all others (so, dont feel bad) have overlooked, once again, the BUCKEYES. That is all that is needed to be said. Time will prove you, like the many others in the past, that the BUCKEYES are contenders for the Top 5, if not the Top 1. Dont underestimate a BUCKEYE! Don't you read History books???
Comment from
cleavengerh - 9/4/04 11:41 PM

You should have stopped at “that is all that is needed to be said”. The BUCKEYES are NOT contenders for the Top 5. Maybe the Top 5 of the Big Ten.


Where did you get your alleged knowledge of football??? From listen to Terry Bow-Down on TV or reading the releases from these schools' SIDs.

Come on...show a little moxie and don't stick with the obvious choices...and thank God you didn't throw ND into the mix.
Comment from
mariner410 - 9/4/04 9:34 PM

Yeah….thank God I didn‘t throw Notre Dame in there…since they‘ve beaten the Almighty Michigan that everyone here has chimed on about. They also beat Tennessee in Knoxville and could sneak up a give USC a run for their money.


A common denominator in top ranked teams is DE-FENCE....Ohio State is a young, hungry team with super athletes on D....looks like a repeat of 2002 and another national championship
Comment from
swadbuckeye45 - 9/4/04 5:47 PM

Or not.


You know nothing about college football. You give no respect to LSU but all kinds of respect to weak teams like USC and Miami(Fl). They play in weaker conferences and you talk like it is the second coming. Be a little more objective. LSU is the NATIONAL CHAMPIONS.
Comment from
airjockie - 9/4/04 2:47 PM

I now know your opinion is useless. I gave LSU respect….more than it deserved, it seems. USC gets respect because they do play a lesser schedule. See, things like that factor when you talk about getting to these high rankings. And the closer, LSU WAS the National Champions.


Obviously you dont know too much about college football! Michigan is a top 5 team, and with the light schedule this year, except for minor potential stumbling blocks against Purdue, Iowa, and Ohio St. they are a Orange Bowl lock!
Comment from
tballard05 - 9/4/04 10:54 AM

This is hilarious. Michigan has a “light schedule”??? They’ve played Miami-OH, Notre Dame, Iowa, Minnesota, Purdue and have Ohio State left. All those teams could/should be in a bowl game. Granted, none will be in a bowl game that matters. I’m putting my money on that Ohio State/Orange Bowl lock.


Looks like the same typical stuff that all the other sports fans put out. Of course this list excluded any team from the Big 10, but again, nothing new. Georgia will end up losing 3 games this year though.
Comment from
darby2v - 9/4/04 10:25 AM

Possibly. They’ve lost one already…and have a tough one this week. Then, they could lose in the SEC title game or a prominent bowl game. There are your three losses.


Not bad but a joke when Michigan is not in the top 8. A power program that no matter who they lose...reloads and still wins. Florida in not even in same class with Michigan this year. Nice try!!
Comment from
mreal9504 - 9/4/04 8:42 AM

Florida isn‘t in Michigan‘s class. And right now, Michigan isn‘t in the Top 8‘s class.


Where is Ohio Sate Buckeyes?
Comment from
dizantboi - 9/4/04 3:47 AM