Monday, November 15, 2004

Barry Bonds 7 MVPs

Barry Bonds will bring his 7th MVP award this week.  Seven.  Seven.  Seven.  That is completely unreal.  Oh…how is FOUR STRAIGHT MVP awards for you??  Four straight. 


That is more than Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, Ted Williams and Willie Mays put together.  Seven MVP awards since 1990.  And, if you do the math….that means only 8 times in that span did someone else won it in the National League. 


He broke the tie with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar [who leads the NBA with 6 MVP awards] to own sole possession of second place in sports.  Only Wayne Gretzky’s 9 NHL MVP awards tops Bonds. 


He became only the second man to lead his league in hitting when he was older than 40.  The other is Ted Williams.  He is the oldest man to hit 45home runs.  His on-base percentage was .609….the all-time best mark in the history of the game.  He led the league in slugging, Only himself and Babe Ruth reached base more than he did this year….376 times.  He had 101 RBI….and only recorded 373 at-bats.  That means, technically, a third of the time he had an at-bat…someone scored.  He walked 232 times this year, including 120 intentional walks [no MLB team was within 50 of that mark]. 


Heck….if he was in the AL, Bonds Intentional Walks would lead with 120, Bonds Unintentional Walks would be second with 112, Eric Chavez would be third with 95.   If Bonds never had a base hit all season….he still would have a higher on-base percentage than Juan Pierre….the guy who led the NL in hits.  Yet, despite all those walks…he still put up 45 HR, 101 RBI, .362, 129 runs.  That is how SICK his numbers are. 


Then, think about this:  He should have 9 MVP awards already.  Terry Pendleton and Jeff Kent's trophies should be sitting on Bonds' mantle.


rjhaag321 said...

You could not have said it any better, although I do think Kent and Bonds both were deserving.  They should have been co-MVP's that year!

akazeus440 said...

Yes, maybe all hopped up on "Roids" and I could win seven MYP awards....all of you who idolize Barry Bonds should be ashamed of yourselves.  How you can idolize a man who has cheated the game of baseball over and over is beyond me.  This is what the game has turned into, who can stuff the most juice into their veins without getting caught....that's just wonderful!!!!

bamklco said...

You said How is it possible that you Juan Pierre led the majors in hits when Ichiro broke the all time hit record this season?  Check your statistics.

Bruce Miller

baseball463dp said...

How will you feel once all the steroid allegations become fact? And facts they are. Just read what Gary Sheffield said about him. And what his trainer said. What 39-year old can do what he's done without some major boost? Get real. Also, forgetting the steroids, consider the type of person he is. I don't want that kind of an arrogant, egotistical, self-serving asshole breaking the record of someone (Aaron) whom you would want as your or your kid's role model. Bottom line: Bonds is a loser. Eventually all his fans will realize that. Maybe they already do but they're in denial.

sportzassassin said...

"You said How is it possible that you Juan Pierre led the majors in hits when Ichiro broke the all time hit record this season?  Check your statistics.

Bruce Miller"

Check your eyes.  It clearly says "he still would have a higher on-bas percentage than Juan Pierre....the guy who led the NL in hits".  Ichiro plays in the AL. correct when trying to belittle others.

msamuel594 said...

Barry Bonds is the greatest hitter of all time -- and certainly the most feared. Move over Babe, your stats are impressive, but Bonds has an edge even on you! Hank Aaron? No real comparison. Bonds beat Aaron in virtually every category. Someday, baseball will have to create the Barry Bonds Award.

lgmays1 said...

Don't judge Bonds until you know the truth.
L. mays

ktmdog said...

Hey Sportz, I'm with you on this one. Bonds has been simply amazing and is IMO, the greatest baseball player of all time. The guy is simply amazing.