Thursday, November 18, 2004

Some NBA Nice Starts

WHO NEEDS COLLEGE?  How hard is it to tell these high school kids to stay in school??  Right now, the top 3 scorers in the NBA entered the draft out of high school [LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Amare Stoudamire] and the #4 guy didn’t go to college either [Dirk Nowitzki].  James, himself is averaging over 28 points, 5.7 assists and nearly 9 boards a night. 


RON ARTEST.  Yeah, you’ve heard about this guy.  But more for his label, dropping R&B albums and a roundtable discussion of athlete’s actions than his game.  But, “quietly” Artest is 9th in the NBA in scoring.  Shooting at a 52% clip….and over 41% from behind the arc.  Not bad from the defending Defensive MVP. 


AMARE STOUDAMIRE.  He won the Rookie of the Year Award in 2003.  Last season, injuries and a mid-season trade of Marbury knocked the Suns down a peg and Stoudamire didn’t have that great season.  But, this year he’s gotten off to a great start.  He’s averaging 27.6 points and almost 9 boards per game and shooting a whopping 57% from the field. 


KEITH VAN HORN.  Remember that KVH was drafted right behind Tim Duncan in 1997.  While Duncan is arguably the best big man in the NBA….KVH seems to be like the flu.  No one wants him around.  He’s been a Net, Sixer, Knick and a Buck.  Many depth charts had him coming off the bench this season.  But, alas, he’s averaging over 20 ppg, nabbing 9.3 rpg and shooting 43% behind the arc. 


GRANT HILL.  I’m not a Grant Hill fan [he’s a Dookie].  But, it is amazing to see him average 20 a night after not playing, really, for the past 4 seasons.  He can still do it athletically…but he seems to have gained that Michael Jordan skill of just being smarter than anyone else on the court.  And with a team led by Steve Francis, he’s not the defense’s focal point.  The last time I’ve seen someone play this well


ZYDRUNAS ILGAUSKAS.  On a team with LeBron James…it is easy to forget about Big Z.  Well, he seems to finally be healthy and putting up 20 and pulling down 8 a night. 


PAUL GASOL.  We all knew he was good….just look at his damage in the Olympics….but the guy is averaging over 18 pts on 10 shots per game.  Amazing


DWIGHT HOWARD.  The 18-year old rookie trails only Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan in rebounding.  The number 2 pick, Emeka Okafor, also is averaging over 10 boards a game.<


MO WILLIAMS.  The Bucks point man keeps on plugging away….3rd in the NBA in assists. 


PRIMO BREZEC.  Someone on the new Charlotte Bobcats would have to play way over their head.  Well, Primo is averaging 14 pts, 7 boards and shooting 55% from the field.  And he’s one of those centers that shoots jumpers….not dumks. 


CHRIS WILCOX.  The Clippers forward is one of the reasons LA is doing well.  His 16.8 pts and 8 boards a night has been quite animprovement. 

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