Tuesday, November 2, 2004

Bush VS Kerry.....The Fight Night Is Here!!

TX   v          MA


Happy Election Day!  So, I keep my political feelings to another forum….let’s keep this to sports. 


In the hotly contested Presidential race, it is John Kerry vs. George W. Bush.  Massachusetts vs. Texas.  Hmm.  Just for fun’s sake….which sporting state is better???  Kerry’s Massachusetts or Bush’s Texas??


In baseball, the case is dead.  The Boston Red Sox mesmerized the baseball world by smashing thru the playoffs and the World Series title….their first since 1918.  In that included the greatest comeback in sports history where Boston came back from down 0-3 to the Yankees.  The Texas Rangers didn’t make the playoffs and the Houston Astros were just one win away from facing off against the Sox in the Series.  Well, Washington DC is now getting a team from the defunct Montreal Expos.  See, we are importing overseas jobs here!


In football, well, Kerry wins again.  The New England Patriots are defending Super Bowl Champions [with Edwards’ Carolina home as the runners up]….giving the Pats two rings in three years.  While some could argue that the Dallas Cowboys are the most successful franchise in the Super Bowl era….they aren’t that good right now.  And the Houston Texans are just in their 3rd season….though having a pretty good one.  The Washington Redskins, my team, might as well be in Montreal as a trade for the new ball team. 


In hoops…it is a little different.  Texas houses three darn good basketball teams.  The San Antonio Spurs have two titles since 1999…and are a favorite to win it this year.  The Dallas Mavericks and Houston Rockets are also legit teams…though maybe not title winners.  But, you are talking about players like Dirk Nowitzki, Yao Ming, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili [see, immigration].  Also, Michael Finley, Tracy McGrady and Tim Duncan are no slouches either.  In Boston, there is just the one NBA team….albeit the Celtics.  While the Celtics history is undeniable, their recent woes are their worst stretch in franchise history.  No title since 1986 [four Texas titles since then].  Len Bias and Reggie Lewis died before their times.  Rick Pitino didn’t work out.  Larry Bird tried tobuy a team in Charlotte…..and now is in upper management in Indiana.  Now, Danny Ainge is running the team in a controversial way.  The Washington Wizards suck.


In hockey…well, who cares since they aren’t playing.  Well, that’s unfair.  The Bruins haven’t won in a while…while the Dallas Stars, though young in years, have a couple of Stanley Cups since moving from Minnesota.  The Washington Capitals….suck. 


In the collegiate arena…it is a tad unfair.  While Umass and Boston College have had their moments….they can’t mess with Texas.  You have UT, A&M, Tech, Baylor, UTEP, Rice and TCU.  Of course, Texas can’t beat Oklahoma in football…UTEP hired a guy that was fired for chillin’ with strippers….Bobby Knight is Bobby Knight…and Baylor has a murder cover-up scandal going on.  The Mass schools just have conference allegiances.   


So who is the winner??  Well, it is a close call.  But, since Boston is currently holding on to the World Series trophy and the Vince Lombardi trophy...I guess you gotta give it to the Bay State.  Yeah, Texas has an array of better teams...they have many of them which kind of makes it unfair.  By the way, why are Bostonians hell bent on being miserable about sports teams??  You have the defending Super Bowl and World Series champions.  No one has won more NBA titles than the Celtics.  And Boston College is going into the ACC next year.  Yeah…tough luck, huh??


By the way, you know who I’ll pick for John Edwards’ North Carolina and Dick Chaney’s Wyoming.  Go Tar Heels!!!!


Anyway…this was just in fun.  Please go and vote.



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