Wednesday, November 3, 2004


P.S.  Due to personal illness that requires my hospitalization beginning Thursday, I quicky thru together this Blog so I could be mentioned in the PIGSKIN BLOGGERS.  Hopefully, I will get back soon.  Thank you.

With the NFL season entering it’s mid-point this week….I thought I’d preview what could be the impact games of the second half of the season….other than the obvious divisional match-ups like Patriots-Jets or Eagles-Giants.

Ravens at Jets. This is a big game that could decide the wildcard picture. The Jets are in a good position to win the East….but they still haven’t had a huge win against a really good team yet. Baltimore may really need this game.

Patriots at Chiefs. Great game of a tough defense and a streaking offense. Not to make a mountain out of a molehill, but the Pats have just lost…and they haven’t been really ripping apart opponents. They have major injury problems and a nasty Jets problem on their tails [see above]. The Chiefs are rigorously trying to turn this season around….and a win on this Monday night could really set them up nicely to make a run at the Broncos and Chargers.

Colts at Lions. On Thanksgiving Day, all eyes will be on Peyton Manning and Joey Harrington. The Colts are currently sitting at 4-3 and have the Vikings and Texans [and Bears] before this game. So this could be a must game…especially with Byron Leftwich now out in Jacksonville with a torn tendon. The Lions are right there in the wildcard hunt in the NFC. They need to win a game like this to keep Dallas, Seattle/St. Louis, New Orleans and Green Bay off their tails. Playoff teams find ways to win these games.

Texans at Jets. See Week 10.

Seahawks at Vikings. Big, big game. These two teams can put up some offense…yet when both teams fall, they fall hard. Both teams could be division leaders when this game arrives…so the home field advantage and all important first round bye are up for grabs [assuming that the Eagles nab the other one].

Steelers at Giants. Pittsburgh are the vogue team right now. They beat the undefeated Pats are will be going against the undefeated Eagles this week. So, in Week 15...this game could catapult the Steelers into a possible first round bye or at least the division title. As for the G-men, this is a home game sandwiched in between three roadies.

Eagles at Rams. The final Monday night game of the season. This is the kind of game that the Eagles may target as a key win to give them momentum into the playoffs. St Louis needs this game to finish off the NFC West.

Falcons at Seahawks. Both teams are trying to win division titles….as well as keeping their big time players healthy for the postseason. Heck, these two teams could turn around and play each other the very next week in Atlanta.

Colts at Broncos. In theory, these two teams should be leading their divisions. Of course, Houston, Jacksonville, San Diego and Kansas City have other ideas. This game could decide where the AFC Championship game is to be held.

Chiefs at Chargers. I know, no division battles. But this is the last week of the season. Right now, these two could be looking at filling in the final AFC playoff spot.

By the way, here are my picks for Week 9.

JETS use Martin to run OVER THE BILLS, 19-7
PANTHERS use a nice mix of running and short passes to slide PAST THE RAIDERS, 20-13
BENGALS get a key defensive TD to OUTLAST THE COWBOYS, 24-16
LIONS keep up the offensive tempo and SMACK DOWN THE REDSKINS, 23-10
DOLPHINS comeback from a bad Monday showing and D up as they CAN THE CARDINALS, 16-7
STEELERS use Big Ben and that running game to END THE EAGLES STREAK, 30-23
CHIEFS keep the faith in Priest as they RUN PAST THE BUCS, 31-21
GIANTS just keep ramming the ball DOWN the BEARS throats, 23-14
CHARGERS are looking like the Dan Fouts era as they ROPE THE SAINTS, 27-21
SEAHAWKS SQUEAK BY the NINERS by letting Alexander do all the work, 19-10
BRONCOS bounce back from two losses and PIMP SLAP THE TEXANS, 28-14
PATRIOTS do to the RAMS as the Sox did to the Cards, BEAT EM!!! 28-24
RAVENS welcome Garica’s mistakes as they BLITZ THE BROWNS, 24-7
COLTS outsling the Moss-less Vikings, 71-61

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