Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Giving Thanks

First off, I want to give thanks for my beautiful wife. Without her, I’m nothing. She nurses me when I am sick…loves me when I’m angered…feeds me when I’m hungry…elevates me when I feel down…and humbles me when I feel too big. Life is full of love, laughter and excitement with her as my partner. I love you.

I give thanks to my family. Mom and Dad who are proud of me….yet still worry about me. My in-laws who are always there for us when we get into a bind. My sister, three brothers-in-law and two nieces. It is still odd to me to have such this extended family.

My pups….who no matter how bad, mad, or sad I feel….they don’t care. They just want to jump in my lap and be petted. A little scratch behind the ear. They are comforters, comic relief and play pals. They are my children.

Thanks to all my friends who I laugh with, work with, chat with, hang out with. Thru my life…I’ve moved quite a bit and never been one comfortable in forging my way in a new situation. Yet, every time I’ve had to….I’ve seem to have drawn in some great friends. So thanks to you guys!

Thanks to my Laker peeps. LakrMike, Joohn, Endora, Bas, Key, Johnny, Kevin, Rowe, Fine, Cap, Raisin, Bax, Yosseff, Ciaras, Gypsy, and the rest. We went from legends on the ol’ board and made an elite board of our own. Conversations with people who have the same love for the NBA…yet view many matters in different lights. Yet, we have such convos in respectful ways. Not only have we talked about our beloved [or unbeloved] Lakers…..but other sports, news event, politics, life and death. What an amazing world we live in where I can live 3000 miles away from the Lakers….yet be able to talk to so many fellow fans as if we were sitting at a table in some coffee shop.

Thanks to other peeps on this AOL….whether I like ‘em or hate ‘em. May the holiday find you with your families and loved ones, healthy and happy.

Thanks to the AOL sports community for recruiting me to begin a sporting journal…then showing it love and putting it out there for all to see. My Sportz Journal is almost at 5000 hits. Thanks to the DC Sports Guy for continuing to feature my Redskins Blog on the Pigskin Bloggers reports. Chris Mottran fro picking my blog to be featured on AOL’s “The Show”. Monponsett for making my move from the AOL boards to the Journals smooth….and having a great blog to read as well. Thanks to everyone who reads it, links it and responds to it. It means a lot.

Thanks to Ron Artest, Latrell Sprewell, Maurice Clarett, NHL, Sammy Sosa, Lawrence Phillips, Ricky Williams,

Condolences to Ron Zook, Dave Wannstedt and the Montreal Expos.  Respect due to all who've lost someone this year.  Holidays like this make it hard.  Rest in piece to Bronson.

Thanks to the Charlotte Bobcats, Red Sox, Ichiro, Barry Bonds, Olympics, the ACC and Walter Hermann. You guys have brought stories I could feel good about researching and writing.

Thanks to my favorite teams. All of my teams, though not doing THAT great….are always exciting and are amongst the greatest organizations in their sports. I LOVE being a fan of all of these teams. The Lakers are…well, you know. What an exciting time from LAST Thanksgiving, eh?? My Redskins, who thanks to Mr. Snyder are never boring. It would be nice to win a few games too. My Heels have re-emerged as a hoops power and the football team had a nice, nice surprising season and will be off to a bowl game. The Reds are still the weak Reds. With teams like these….I have some mortal enemies. Those Cowpokes…those Dookies…..those ChoKings. It is healthy to have another team rile you up like that.

So, this Thanksgiving…look around and be thankful to what you have. Be thankful.


cmottram04 said...

Hey man, thanks for giving thanks to me, but my last name is Mottram, not mottran.   This is a common mistake at my dry cleaner, it seems to happen all the time.  Anyways, you write a great blog, and I will no doubt continue to promote it both on The Show and on my blog.  Keep it real homeboy.

monponsett said...

Thanks, babe....once we cure you of that Lakers fever, you should be a-ight.

I'm having Thanksgiving dinner 50 yards from the spot where Massaoit's (the Wampanoag guest of honor at the first Thanksgiving) son Wamsutta was abducted and eventually murdered. This eventually led to King Phillip's War...which, to this day, was America's costliest and bloodiest per capita war. It led to the virtual extinction of the tribe that helped the starving Pilgrims through the early winters.

If there's any truth to that Karma thing, I'll be choking on a turkey bone by the time you read this.

mrdad3 said...

Great job on this entry and I want to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your wife.