Friday, January 4, 2008

Gimme a Caption: Mangino Edition

Here is a pic of Kansas coach Mark Mangino after the Jayhawks Orange Bowl win yesterday.  What a great pic!

First off, it's the robust Mangino holding an orange with a grin that could be viewed as "yeah, I'm really gonna start eating this."

It also looks like he's holding it like he's gonna throw it at someone: "C'mon!  Call me fat one more time!"

Or "Dude!  I make this grapefruit look like an orange!"

Maybe he is just saying "daaaaaaa Bears!"

I know, I know.  It is a cheap shot calling the man big ... but he is.  He is also one of the better coaches in college football right now.  How in the heck do you build a football program at Kansas??  I mean, they just won the freakin' Orange Bowl!  He also seems to be a nice guy (never met him, but just upon viewing the times I've seen him speak).

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

If the BCS Is So Great Part II: Use It For All The Bowls!!!

                                                Pete Carroll

In a week, we will get to see Ohio State and LSU battle for our college football national championship.  The BCS system set up that game ... so that's what we are stuck with.

Again, I hate the BCS.

However, if it is going to stay ... then why do we use it only for the title game?  Why not for AAAALLLLLLLLLL the bowl games?  I just watched USC blow up Illinois and Georgia maul Hawaii in so-called "BCS bowl games".  Are they unimportant now?

They picked the friggin' game!

So why not use the BCS formula to give us all the bowl games so teams ranked near each other get to face off.   Then sort them out in the bowls with an eye towards proximity and prestige to get this done.

BCS:  #1 Ohio State v #2 LSU
ORANGE:  #3 Virginia Tech v #4 Oklahoma
SUGAR:  #5 Georgia vs #6 Missouri
ROSE:  #7 USC v #8 Kansas
FIESTA:  #9 West Virginia v #10 Hawaii

COTTON: #11 Arizona State v #12 Florida
GATOR:  #13 Illinois v #14 Boston College
CAPITAL ONE:  #15 Clemson v #15 Tennessee
OUTBACK:  #17 BYU v #18 Wisconsin
CHICK FIL A:  #19 Texas v #20 Virginia
ALAMO: #21 South Florida v #23 Auburn
SUN:  #22 Cincinnnati v #24 Boise State
INSIGHT: #25 UConn .... expand the rankings for the top 64 teams who are bowl eligible so we can match up all 32 bowl games.