Sunday, December 2, 2007

Ha Ha! You Stupid BCS Backers

I've always said on this blog that the BCS is a joke.  The BCS works just fine when teams are undefeated.  But what happens when #1 and #2 lose at season's end?  What happens when the Big XII and SEC champion are ranked LOWER than teams that didn't even make those conferences championship games? 


Okay, my playoff formula would look like this:

ACC:  Virginia Tech
Big East:  West Virginia
Big XII:  Oklahoma
Big Ten:  Ohio State
Pac-10:  Southern Cal

There are six teams.  The best non-BCS school gets it in my playoffs ... which would be Hawaii.  Then, five at large teams:  Georgia, Kansas, Missouri, Florida and Arizona State.

12-Arizona State at 5-Virginia Tech (11:30p)
10-Hawaii at 7-Oklahoma (3p)
9-West Virginia at 8-Missouri (6:30pm)
11-Florida at 6-USC (10pm)

1-Ohio State vs Missouri/West Virginia winner in Columbus, OH
4-LSU vs Virginia Tech/Arizona State winner in Baton Rouge, LA
3-Kansas vs USC/Florida winner at Lawrence, KS
2-Georgia vs Oklahoma/Hawaii winner in Athens, GA

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