Saturday, May 2, 2009

JoPa Wants 12th Team in Big Ten

Penn State icon Joe Paterno said that the Big Ten should add a 12th member, get a conference championship game and join the other elite conferences.

His point is that the Big Ten finishes up their season so early that their bowl teams sit for nearly two months before playing again. Having a conference championship game will help prepare their champion for teams from the Big XII and SEC.

I agree. I'm one of those people that think every conference should have to play a title game. It isn't fair that the Big XII, SEC, ACC, Conference USA and MAC have to play an extra game against, usually, another big time team.

It isn't like the Big Ten hasn't tried to court a 12th member. They've previously had discussions with Notre Dame that ended up getting shot down by the Irish.

But there are some ideal schools to join. Pittsburgh seems like a natural fit. They are midwestern, they could have a natural rivalry with Penn State, they play in an NFL stadium and it isn't like the Big East is really doing much for them, football-wise.

If not Pitt, then maybe Syracuse? The Cuse would bring the conference some of that East Coast swing. Where the program is now, it would be an easy win for whomever they play. When the ACC was looking at expanding, Syracuse was willing to take the plunge.

Maybe Louisville? Maybe Cincinnati? Maybe not.

Still, it's interesting when the ol' man has to be the one to kick start the league.

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