Saturday, May 2, 2009

If I Could Only Watch One Sporting Event Today ...

Today is one of the better days in the sports calendar. There are so many things happening today that you could schedule yourself where you don't have to get up from your couch.

But if you told me that I was allowed to watch just one of these events, that would be a tough decision. But, I'm gonna have to make it.

1-Bulls vs Celtics: It is the Game 7 of one of the best first round playoff series I have ever seen. You have the defending champs on the ropes against the upstart Baby Bulls. If Game 7 is anything like the first six games, we are in for a treat. My prediction is Boston.

2-Pacquaio vs Hatton: It is very rare for me to get up for a fight nowadays. I used to live for the big fights but have grown tired of the crap surrounding it. But this fight has me very excited. Both are great fighters who have something huge at stake. Pac-man can cement his place among the greats with a win. Hatton can get his name mentioned in there if he can come away with the victory. Should be a great night. My prediction is Pacquaio.

3-Kentucky Derby: It is the most exciting two minutes in sports. Now that I live in Kentucky, it is like a holiday. This is one of the few sports that I can know nothing heading into the week, but enter Saturday knowing every horse's story and at least sound like I know what I'm talking about. My prediction is Regal Ransom.

4-Capitals vs Penguins: This game excites me. I've have been drawn to the Dark Side of Alex Ovechkin fandom. He's just a different cat in a sport that needs a standout star. On the other side is Sidney Crosby who is no slouch himself. They don't like each other and should get into it a bit during this series. Prediction? The Caps.

5-Quail Hollow: Big tournament with some big names lurking near the top. Not to mention the tournament is at my hometown of Charlotte. I have to go with Tiger Woods, y'all.

6-Baseball: It is still just the beginning of May, so no game seems as important as anything else going on today. But we do get treated to the Phillies and Mets today and Rays-Red Sox tonight.

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