Friday, May 15, 2009

ACC Doesn't Care About NCAA's Fight Against the Confederate Flag

The NCAA will not place any of its post season events in the state of South Carolina. The state's capitol building has the Confederate flag waving above it and the NCAA has deemed that it won't place events in states that honor that flag.

That has meant that no NCAA Tournament pods, no bowl games, no other kinds of NCAA tournament events will take place in South Carolina. The NCAA has asked that the individual conferences follow their lead by not placing any of their events in the state, either.

The ACC has just said, "screw dat!"

The ACC has awarded the 2011, 2012 and 2013 baseball tournaments to Myrtle Beach. Their belief is that it is in the best interest for the conference as well as honoring the NCAAs wishes without punishing the entire state.

If you go to Myrtle Beach, you won't find those flags waving at the baseball stadium nor is it atop any of the city's government buildings. Myrtle Beach should be a very enticing site for ACC baseball fans to make the pilgrimage to and should help eliminate any kind of "home field advantage" for any team. The next two tournaments will be held in Durham and Greensboro, which will give the North Carolina teams a huge advantage.

The SEC did have their women's basketball tournament in Greenville, SC a few years back. But that was after Atlanta pulled out as a planned site.

Obviously, this has made a few people mad. Lonnie Randolph, South Carolina's president of the NAACP, says he will contact the ACC's offices to see why they came to this decision. I understand his concern, but it isn't like these NCAA bans have done anything to make removal of the hideous flag a reality.

In fact, what the ACC has done is bring this back to the forefront. Most people forgot that the NCAA had this ban and ... aside from local groups ... no one has put any pressure on the state. With the ACC tournament digging this back up, it could motivate more people to get outraged enough to demand the flag be taken down. It's giving them a taste of what the big life is if you went ahead and crossed out the flag.

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