Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How the ACC Should Create 18-Game Schedule

Hey ... there's a dead horse here that I'm about to beat.

Okay, if the ACC is going to an 18-game schedule then here is how I'd like it to be. Right now, each ACC team has two dance partners that they play twice each year. Under the 18-game format, each team should have three partners. Below are who I believe the partners should be (the first two are current; the last one is my guess):

Boston College: Miami, Va Tech ... Florida St
Clemson: Georgia Tech, Florida St ... Virginia
Duke: UNC, Maryland ... NC State
Florida State: Miami, Clemson ... Boston College
Georgia Tech: Clemson, Wake Forest ... Miami
Maryland: Duke, Virginia ... Va Tech
Miami: Boston College, Florida St ... Georgia Tech
North Carolina: Duke, NC State ... Wake Forest
NC State: UNC, Wake Forest ... Duke
Virginia: Va Tech, Maryland ... Clemson
Virginia Tech: Virginia, Boston College ... Maryland
Wake Forest: NC State, Georgia Tech ... UNC

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