Friday, May 15, 2009

Now THAT Is How You Have Some Game 7s!!!

The NHL disappointed on Wednesday night. With the evening all too itself, the Washington Ovechkins and Pittsburgh Crosbys had their sudden-death duel to see who moves on and whose season ends. We all knew that it was going to be great theatre.

Until the Pens went up 5-0 before closing out the game 6-2.

That sucks. But all we had to do was wait one more night to get that satisfaction. The Red Wings beat the Anaheim Ducks in a Game 7 when a goal was scored with just over 3 minutes remaining. The Ducks had just scored two unanswered goals to tie the game and nearly put this game into overtime. But the Daniel Cleary goal ended all that talk.

But that wasn't the best of the night. The Carolina Hurricanes, who once held a 3-1 series lead over the Boston Bruins, scored a goal with just over a minute left in overtime to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals. What made this exciting was the way the final goal was scored. Just like everyone fears, a mistake made on a seemingly meaningless play allowed Scott Walker to poke in the game winner in front of a stunned Boston crowd.

So now we get a very interesting Final Four. The Cardiac Canes will take on the starry Penguins while the favored Red Wings take on their rival Blackhawks.

Let's hope both go seven!

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