Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's Official: Brett Favre Has Gotten On My Nerves

I used to like Brett Favre. I wasn't a Packers fan, nor a fan of Favre, but I respected him. He was unconventional but always had his team in the hunt. I've always thought of Favre like this: he wasn't the greatest quarterback ever, but there were games where you thought he was.

In the last few years ... and especially over the past year ... I've grown tired of Favre's crap. He spent offseasons staying firmly on the fence about retiring. When he finally did, he was shocked that the Packers moved on. He then tried to play the media game to get out of Green Bay (or get his starting gig back). The New York Jets took a chance on him; missed the playoffs; and gave Favre the release he wanted.

Now ... after retiring yet again ... there are rumors that he may go to the Minnesota Vikings.

What is this? First off, why Favre is mad at the Packers is a mystery to me. Green Bay gave Favre anything he wanted while he was there. They sat there with his replacement ready as Favre jerked the team around every offseason. When he said he was done, the Packers moved on like they were supposed to do. Just because you un-retire doesn't mean that things go back the way they were.

He then stunk up the joint in New York over the last month of the season. He abruptly retired after the season, leaving many to assume that this was really it.

So the current revelation that Favre asked for his unconditional release from the Jets (he asked not once, but twice) and now he is rumored to be talking to the Vikings about a job just kills me.

I get the fact that he wants to play. But why do you keep retiring? I'm sure that every NFL player feels like retiring after the completion of a season, but most just need to recharge their batteries and they are fine.

Now, in what seems like a desperate cry for attention, he wants to come to Minnesota ... presumably to play against the Packers. I mean, why not keep playing for the Jets if you still have the yearning to play? Why did you retire last year if you were going to play another two seasons?

Favre has turned from a beloved icon to a sideshow in less than one year.


DBear said...

Maybe he's finding out he still has the desire and the skills to continue playing...months after the wear and tear from the last NFL season fades away. I suppose the indecisiveness can be annoying, but guys like Favre have been playing football since they were little children. They literally don't know any other lifestyle. I say having a legendary star like Favre around is great for the league. No, I'm not a Favre fan at all. In fact, I couldn't stand the way he'd beat my 49ers, nor the way John Madden would slobber over him every time he did a broadcast. But I do respect what the man is about, and what he did for the game. I say give the guy a litte slack.

Tige said...

2431tigeOr, maybe he's spoiled from all of those years of loyalty and obedience from the Packers. I'm a Vikins fan, so you know I mean it when I give them praise.

Favre is acting like a spoiled child. He couldn't make up his mind in Green Bay, so the Packers replaced him with Rogers. Then Favre finally makes a decision and gets upset by the consequences. The Packers were even nice enough to trade his rights to the Jets. He's their franchise idol, and it would've been understandable for them to tell him he's retiring a Packer. But no, they granted his wish and traded him to the Jets, where he showed the world exactly why he needed to retire in the first place. Now, Favre is a complete media-craving sponge, who only wants a shot with the Vikings to make himself look better in the long-run. What a narcissistic baby. I sincerely hope the Vikings refuse to sign him, because he's quickly turning into a real team poison.

Kip said...

Who cares. If he wants to play more that's his option. There is no rules out there that prevent someone from playing after they have said that they are done. They are just words and if you get upset because someone says a couplke of words that's your problaem.