Monday, May 4, 2009

John Wall Does Cut His List Down ... By Getting Caught On Breaking and Entering Charge

If you are a college basketball fan, you have been hitting the blogs and message boards trying to figure out where John Wall may be leaning. Wall was supposed to have his list shaved down to three or four schools this weekend. After weeks of speculation, we may know the schools which WON'T be going after him anymore.

That's because Wall got caught up in a breaking and entering charge. Wall was tapped with a misdemeanor charge after a break-in to an unoccupied home in Raleigh last week.

So, that means that Duke could get out of the Wall sweepstakes. North Carolina, which never officially threw their name in, is probably done with him. It will be interesting to see if Kentucky will deal with this. I don't think it would turn off John Calipari, but this is Kentucky ... not Memphis or UMass. They don't like that crap, either.

Now, Miami or NC State look like legit possibilities. So does the NBA. With his fifth-year high school status, he may explore looking at if he can get into the NBA Draft now.

Or this could all blow over. Unless something comes out of this that piles on, this could be easily overlooked.

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