Wednesday, May 6, 2009

London Super Is Not My Spot of Tea

I don't mind NFL games being held in London. I do mind when the Super Bowl is there.

Rumors are swirling ... despite the NFL's denials ... that the league is looking to put the Super Bowl across the pond. Count my down in the "bad idea" column.

Why does London deserve the Super Bowl? Because they are rabid fans? Again, you could put a preseason game in London and they wouldn't know the difference.

Some of you people are parents. Some of you just got done being kids. Some may still be. Unless you were extremely fortunate, there were times that your parents skimmed on something because they could. Instead of Fruit Loops, you got "Looped Fruit". Instead of Lucky Charms, you got "Magic Treasures". They give you the cheaper version because you won't know better. Same thing with the NFL in London.

With the economy the way it is (and could be), why not help boost an American city with the game? Don't you think Detroit needs it? New Orleans? Why would we export our biggest sporting event to another continent?

I mean, it is extremely rare to be able to get a ticket to an American Super Bowl. How many people do you know that has actually been to a Super Bowl game? Now you want everybody to fly over to London to party?

Even if you are cool with that, what suggests that London should hold the Super Bowl? The great weather? The local fan base? The outstanding field conditions? Santa Claus? None of those things exist, so I don't understand the infatuation.

Play the preseason games in London, Mexico City, Tokyo or Mars. Don't give them the big daddy.

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