Wednesday, May 27, 2009

There Is No Such Thing as 'Conference Championship Trophy Curse'

There are no such things as curses. None.

So I'm glad that Sidney Crosby decided to buck the trend and actually hold the conference championship trophy after the Penguins sweep of the Carolina Hurricanes.

The superstition is that if you touch the conference championship trophy, you won't win the Stanley Cup. What a stack of bull. There is no magical spirit out there that creates fates of professional sports teams because of dumb superstitions. How many mamas have broken their backs because their kids stepped on a crack?

If neither team touches the conference championship trophy, who wins the Cup? And if both teams touch the trophy, can either win the Cup?

In Pens lore, the two times the captain held the trophy, they went on the win the Stanley Cup. The one time they didn't (last year), they lost in the Finals. So how is that a curse?

During the Final Four, the buzz was that nobody who used the Detriot Lions locker room in the last year won a game. The Lions lost every game of their season and several hoops teams that used the locker room lost their games. It is just a neat stat and has nothing to do with anything. I mean, the Lions blew so of course they lost every game they suited up for. Michigan State lost to North Carolina in December because ... well ... UNC was a great team. So great that the Tar Heels used the locker room in the NCAA Championship game and bulldozed past the Spartans.

I hope that the Red Wings pick up the trophy when they clinch against the Hawks ... just like they did when they won their Cups in the 1990s.

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