Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Todd Helton Gets His 2,000th Hit ... Uh ... Maybe?

Todd Helton ripped a line drive past Yunel Escobar to get his 2,000th hit. Maybe. We're not sure yet.

That's because the official scorer in Atlanta ruled it an error on Escobar. Rockies manager Clint Hurdle plans on discussing the matter with the scorer and seeing if he can get it changed. That will mean Helton will get his 2,000th hit nearly an entire day after he swung the bat.

No one but the official scorer seems to think it was an error. The ball was just laced to short and one-hopped past Escobar and into center field. If Escobar made the play, it would have been extraordinary. The play was far from routine as Escobar never even touched the ball as it went past him.

Thanks, baseball, for another great moment just ruined.

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