Thursday, May 21, 2009

Could OKC Thunder Trade For the No. 1 Pick?

The Ft Worth Star-Telegram is putting a rumor out there that the Oklahoma City Thunder may try to move up to the No. 1 pick in the NBA Draft. Currently, the Thunder hold the No. 3 pick. It is obvious that Blake Griffin ... who is from Oklahoma City and played at Oklahoma ... would be a huge marketing boom for the franchise.

But what would it take to land that pick? Obviously their No. 3 selection. Probably one of the young talents they currently have (Jeff Green? Russell Westbrook?). And probably one of those bad contracts the Clippers, owner of the top pick, has. Zach Randolph, Baron Davis and Chris Kaman all have horrible contracts that are mucking up the roster. If the Clips make the deal, then it would most likely wait until after the draft to see what they can get at No. 3 to complete the deal. If it's Ricky Rubio, I think Baron Davis gets traded back to OKC. If it is Hasheem Thabeet, then I think Kaman goes.

Of course, this assumes that the Clippers are even interested. Judging by their celebratory nature and near comfirmation that Griffin is their guy, I don't see them being very seriously interested. But if you are a good GM, you will listen to offers even if you are set in what you want to do.

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