Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sportz' NBA Second Round Playoff Picks

My first round picks were so-so. I picked the Lakers and Cavs dead-on. I picked the Nuggets, Magic and Celtics too. I did miss on the Blazers and Spurs ... but that happens.

So, here are my fool-proof second round picks.

CAVALIERS OVER HEAT/HAWKS (5 games): I don't care who wins Game 7 between Atlanta and Miami tonight. Cleveland will bowl through either one of them. They'll get one win against the Cavs, but that will be the lone success.

CELTICS OVER MAGIC (7 games): I'm subscribing to the "I've seen this before" method. Boston went the distance in the first round against an upstart team (Hawks in '08, Bulls in '09). Now they get to face off against a team that could be on the cusp of greatness (Cavs in '08, Magic in '09). When the playoffs began, I said the Magic would win this series. They still might, but I have to throw my weight over to Boston.

LAKERS OVER ROCKETS (5 games): I love Houston as a team, but this isn't the best matchup for them. Los Angeles just crushed Houston in their four meetings during the regular season. I also think that Houston feels a bit satisfied now that they've knocked that first round monkey off their backs.

NUGGETS OVER MAVERICKS (6 games): And finally, a series that makes me think back to the 1980s. The Sam Perkins, Roy Tarpley, Brad Davis, Rolando Blackmon Mavs against the Fat Lever, Michael Adams, Alex English Nuggets. I'm just rambling, but I have the Nuggets squeaking by in this one.

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