Thursday, May 14, 2009

Remembering the 1985 Western Conference Finals (Nuggets-Lakers)

The Denver Nuggets have gotten to the Western Conference Finals for the first time since 1985. In that series, they lost to the LA Lakers, 4-1.

G1: Lakers 139-122
G2: Nuggets 136-114
G3: Lakers 136-118

G4: Lakers 120-116
G5: Lakers 153-109

As you can see, this series was high scoring and filled with blowouts.

Remember those Nuggets teams as those runnin' gunnin' freaks of nature. Just two years prior to their WCF showing, they (along with the Pistons) set the record for most points in a game. Doug Moe (UNC guy) wanted his team to push the ball, move the ball and shoot the ball as much as possible. His thinking was that the pace would wear out the opposition in the thin, Mile-High air.

McNichols Sports Arena was a bees nest. Alex English, Fat Lever, Bill Hanzlik, T.R. Dunn, Dan Issel, Calvin Natt and Danny Schayes. I still love those old Nuggets jerseys. The rainbow mountians backed by yellow numbers! Still the best jerseys in their history.

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This post brings back memories. I wish all NBA games had scores that high. Those jerseys were interesting too.