Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sportz Off-Topic: My Favorite "In Living Color" Characters

Another blog got me wondering what my favorite characters from "In Living Color" were.

1-Grandpa Jack: Pork and beans!!!

2-The Brothers Bros.: From their song to their quirks, I don't give a gosh darn do-hickey if you don't agree!

3-Men On Film: One of the best reacurring skits. I loved the way Damon Wayans pushed the envelope each time.

4-Wanda: The first several appearances were awesome (though it did get a little played when they were banking on it). The blind date is my favorite.

5-Frenchie: Au contraire, mon derrierre!

6-Dirty Dozens Contestants: Whether it was Jamie Foxx or Tommy Davidson telling me about my teeth looking like the extract from a domesticated bovine, the Dozens was improved and mostly funny.

7-Obnoxious Gay Guy: Jim Carrey played the guy who just had to tell everyone he was gay. Well, until another gay man approached him. Only two sketches (party and fast food joint) but it did feature Carrey saying "alright-y then!"

8-Mike Tyson: This was the one that I lived for during the early years. His appearance on the Tonight Show as well as Love Connection were classic.

9-Kurt Swanson: Who? That environmentalist that Jim Carrey played. I'm so mad that I can scratch your eyes out!

10-Tiny: Not so much a character that skits were based on, but David Alan Grier's dumb convict who likes "big breasteses" always made me laugh.

11-Clavelle and Howard Tibbs III: All you need to know is BAM!!! The "Oh Knats" skit was awesome.

12-Anton Jackson: I just loved his vulgarness and still use the "pick your seat" joke from time to time.

13-Hey Mon!: Our favorite Jamaican family with 304 jobs.

14-Vera de Milo: Sometimes disgusting, always hilarious. Gotta get a buff-neck!

15-Dickie Peterson: Woodchuck to Grey Squirrel. I'm comin' home!

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JH Younger said...

uhhh -- Handy Man? how about Homie the Clown?