Wednesday, May 20, 2009

NFL Should Let Michael Vick Play

Michael Vick was released from prison today to re-start his life. He will finish off the remainder of his sentence confined in his Virginia home. During this time, Vick will try to both build his life back up as well as take the steps needed to try to change it.

One of the things on Vick's mind will be trying to get back into the NFL. There will be a few teams that will take a chance on him whenever he's available. Commish Roger Goodell has been noncommital to what he will do about Vick. Will he suspend him once he's available? If so, for how long?

I think that no suspension should be in order. It's odd for me to say that since I like Goodell's stance on suspending guys who have off-field issues ... and no one in Goodell's era has had a worse off-field issue than Vick. Everything points to a suspension.

But the man has been out of the league for two full seasons, lost all his money and his earning power. To suspend him is only to delay his ability to get on with his life.

Trust me, I detest what Vick did. I am a dog lover and to think that anyone could possibly do that to dogs just sickens me. It really sickens me. But the man was punished and is fullfilling his sentence and paying his debt to society. And while his sentence will end soon, his punishment will continue as he will have to deal with the hatred that will come his way -- on or off the field. The man won't get a break on that for a long, long time and he will forever be tainted.

But he deserves a chance to make his new life as quickly as he can. The man has been completely broken and ... I agree with Goodell on this ... if he shows during his house confinement that he is working on being a better citizen and trying to right his wrongs then I don't see why Goodell wouldn't bring him back.

I just hope that Vick is truly sorry and willing to continue to change his life.

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