Thursday, April 23, 2009

What NBA Playoff Mascot Would You LEAST Want Loose In Arena

You've probably have seen footage of the live Atlanta Hawk mascot getting lose in Philips Arena last night. The hawk flew up to the top of the backboard and chilled for a while before getting reeled in by his trainer.

Thank god it was just the Hawk. Imagine if any of the other playoff mascots got loose in the arena.

16-Lakers: Well, there is no real thing like the Lakers so we should be cool here. Unless Jack Nicholson decides to go postal or something.

15-Sixers: Same thing with the Sixers.

14-Jazz: Having some Jazz break out during a game wouldn't be too horrible.

13-Mavericks: I guess John McCain could get loose in an arena and no one would care.

12-Nuggets: It depends on the nuggets. Gold nuggets? Everyone would love that. Chicken nuggets? Well, everyone would love that too. Uh ... butt nuggets? Not so much.

11-Pistons: A piston by itself just isn't scary.

10-Spurs: Unless someone is wearing them, they are pretty harmless.

9-Heat: How much heat? Making the arena warm would just help drink sales.

8-Blazers: Trail Blazers always are trying to go against the norm and go places they shouldn't. They would be rather disruptive to fans and players.

7-Magic: Black magic can be awful. Imagine a spell that just got out of control and started screwing with the fans and players!!!

6-Celtics: Not too bad. But a leprechaun running around the arena would scare the heck out of anyone.

5-Hawks: We saw this one already, but it could have gotten a lot worse. The hawk could have attacked someone and it could have gotten out of hand very quickly.

4-Cavaliers: Arrrrggg! Lets' plunder!!

3-Hornets: Man, imagine if a swarm of Hornets got loose in the arena. It would be complete chaos in the arena.

2-Bulls: I think this is pretty easy to figure out.

1-Rockets: If a rocket got loose in the Toyota Center, it is just over. This is the only mascot that would actually explode.

Some non-playoff teams that could scare? Bobcats, Warriors, Grizzlies, Timberwolves and the Raptors.

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