Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jaguars New Unis Don't Do Anything For Me, But I Like the Helmets

[Hat tip: Uni Watch]

The Jacksonville Jaguars showed off their new duds yesterday. They didn't reinvent the wheel with their unis. The logo stays the same as well as the color scheme.

The uniforms have that "modern look" of edgy numbers and what I call "pit stripes". The font used for their name is a big improvement over their old one. My big gripe here is that the uniforms look a lot like the Philadelphia Eagles. If they could only keep the gold in their logo, I think it would make it zing.

But the dazzler is the helmet. It looks the same but is a bit different. While it will look like their normal black helmet with the jaguar's head, it turns teal when the light hits it.

Check it out here.

Overall, I approve of the change. The Jaguars uniforms weren't one of my favorites to begin with so any change would be met positively.

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