Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Again, Can We Get Some Scoring in These NBA Playoffs?

I love the NBA playoffs despite the length of the rounds and the fact that we've seen some dead weight. But there needs to be a bit more scoring, right?

I know that playoff-time means defenses tighten up, offenses slow down and nerves get a hold of you but these guys can do a bit better than this.

Atlanta: 78, 81 pts
Cleveland: 79 pts
Detroit: 68, 78, 82 pts
Miami: 64, 71 pts
New Orleans: 63 pts
Philadelphia: 81 pts
Portland: 81, 83 pts
San Antonio: 67 pts

That's ridiculous. Yeah, there have been some nice scoring outputs, too (notice none of the Jazz-Lakers or Bulls-Celtics series made the list). But much of the high scores come on the same night as the low scores.

Is it me or does everyone seem tired? It looks like there are teams that are just spent and have no gas left in the tank. The Pistons looked that way for pretty much their entire series (save the fourth quarter in Game 2). The Jazz looked that way against the Lakers until they were down 20. The Hornets all but quit last night.

One glimmer of hope is that the teams scoring these low numbers shouldn't advance. I know that seems obvious, but either the Heat or Hawks will be fodder for the Cavaliers next week.

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Anonymous said...

your a dumbass. thats what the playoffs are all about... that boxing type mentality. and defense is a huge part of that. haha learn to appreciate the game u clown.