Monday, April 27, 2009

Carl Edwards Flips Car; Thinks He's Ricky Bobby at Talladega

If you haven't seen the end of the Aarons 499 at Talladega yesterday, you missed something amazing. As you can see in the video above, Edwards' car flipped into the fencing, ricocheted back onto the track and caught on fire.

Edwards then got out of his car ... amazingly okay ... and ran across the finish line to a standing ovation.

We all thought it and the announcer said it: "shades of Ricky Bobby". It did look a bit like the finish to "Talladega Nights" during this race ... uh ... in Talladega.

It is also amazing that nothing really bad happened to any fans during that crash. Several people were harmed, but none were life threatening. To me, that is just unreal. That was a race car going hundreds of mph and hitting a fence with people on the other side.

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