Saturday, April 25, 2009

Can Someone In the NBA Playoff Score Some Points?

I know that defense amps up in the playoffs. Teams slow it down and try to get the most out of each possession. That's cool and all, but why the change? Why not play like you did all season?

So everyone has played their Game 3 now. The venues changed and the teams are getting very familiar. So familiar that we are seeing a lot of very, very low scoring games.

Thursday night, we saw the Utah Jazz beat the LA Lakers, 88-86. Not horrible but it is a far cry from the triple digit scores both teams put up in the first two games of the series. Also, Dallas beat San Antonio, 88-67. The Spurs scored just 67 freaking points!?!?!? That is the lowest in franchise history.

On Friday night, we had two more duds. The Houston Rockets stuffed the Portland Trail Blazers, 86-83. In Game 2, Brandon Roy scored 42 points by himself. In Game 3, that would've made up more than half Portland's output.

And the clunker of them all, the Cavaliers beat the Pistons, 79-68. The third quarter saw the Pistons outscore the Cavs -- get ready for this -- 16 to 9. Are you serious?

In the last two days, we've seen these great shooting nights:

Kobe Bryant (LA): 5 for 24
Mo Williams (Cle): 1 for 11
Derrick Rose (Chi): 4 for 14
Ben Gordon (Chi): 5 for 13
Hedo Turkoglu (Orl): 2 for 12
Drew Gooden (SA): 2 for 12
Travis Outlaw (Por): 2 for 11
Geroge Hill (SA): 2 for 10
Kyle Korver (Uta): 4 for 13
Ronnie Brewer (Uta): 4 for 12
Tony Parker (SA): 5 for 13
Big Baby Davis (Bos): 5 for 12
Tim Duncan (SA): 2 for 9
Yao Ming (Hou): 2 for 7
Jason Kidd (Dal): 1 for 6
Delonte West (Cle): 0 for 7
Tayshawn Prince (Det): 3 for 10

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