Monday, April 13, 2009

First Round Stanley Cup Predictions

The Stanley Cup playoffs get underway this week which means one of the most underrated events in sports is near. I'll have another post delving into my feelings on the NHL and the Stanley Cup.

For now, I'm going to do my very unscientific picks for the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs:


No. 1 Boston Bruins over No. 8 Montreal Canadiens (4-1)
No. 2 Washington Capitals over No. 7 New York Rangers (4-2)
No. 3 New Jersey Devils over No. 6 Carolina Hurricanes (4-1)
No. 4 Pittsburgh Penguins over No. 5 Philadelphia Flyers (4-3)

I know that it looks like I'm just picking the favorites, but I see the top three seeds as heavy favorites. The Battle for Pennsylvania should be a great one, but I think the Pens are playing a bitter better right now and they've had success against the Flyers this year.


No. 1 San Jose Sharks over No. 8 Anaheim Ducks (4-0)
No. 2 Detroit Red Wings over No. 7 Columbus Blue Jackets (4-2)
No. 6 St. Louis Blues over No. 3 Vancouver Canucks (4-2)
No. 4 Chicago Blackhawks over No. 5 Calgary Flames (4-1)

There are some great series over here. The Sharks-Ducks series should be lively out in Cali. The Wings-Jackets series has a very short proximity factor and should be a very intense series. Columbus will be bumping for their first postseason series. I'm taking the Blues over the Canucks because, well, I dunno.

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