Saturday, April 25, 2009

Doug Williams' New Video Game Has Some Claiming Racism

There will be a new game coming out this June called "Black College Football: The Xperience -- Doug Williams Edition". It is designed to compete against EA Sports' "NCAA Football" series.

The game takes 36 HBCUs (that's Historically Black Colleges and Universities for the layperson), their stadiums and their bands and place them in what looks like a cool game. They will also feature Black College legends Williams, Jerry Rice, Eddie Robinson and Mel Blount. Growing up in North Carolina where there are more HBCUs than anywhere else, I can appreciate where this game is coming from.

They also have a cool thing involving the drum line where you can use your Rock Band gear to perform halftime shows. The game seems to be very interesting.

Which is why is really surprised me when some gamers would consider this racist and used it as an excuse to expose their own racism.

C'mon people! You act like HBCUs have just sprouted up or something. And spare me that tired old argument about "what if there was a white football video game, then everyone would go crazy." If you want, we can have the Ivy League put out a video game for you.

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