Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stephen Curry Leaves Davidson For the NBA

Stephen Curry's awesome college career has come to an end.

Curry announced that he is skipping his senior season and going pro. He will hire an agent, effectively ending his college career.

This is a smart move. The 2009 NBA Draft class is perceived as much weaker than 2010 when there should be a ton of one-and-dones. Curry has a great shot at being a lottery pick this year and can't really do much on the college scene.

There are two parts to this equation: How high is your value and are you ready for the League. I don't think he's necessarily ready for the league yet, but his value probably won't be any higher. He still needs to work on his ballhandling skills and bulk up his body ... but that should come in time. His shot is already there and he should have a fine career like his dad did.

His legacy at Davidson will last a long, long time. He put that tiny school just outside Charlotte on the map. They had big dogs like North Carolina, Duke and UCLA scheduling them. The run in the 2008 NCAA Tournament will go down as one of the most memorable events in tournament history. Beating Gonzaga, Georgetown and Wisconsin before scaring eventual champion Kansas will be the highlight of that program.

As will Curry. He was a good kid who was a great player. Davidson isn't losing Curry for one year -- they enjoyed him for three.

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