Monday, April 27, 2009

Grading the Redskins Draft

ROUND 1: Brian Orakpo, DE, Texas: I told you yesterday that I loved this pick. He can immediately help the Redskins as a pass rushing DE or hybrid OLB. Putting him next to Albert Haynesworth will only open things up for him more. Seriously, I have to go back to the days of Dexter Manley/Charles Mann when remembering what a great defensive end looks like in burgundy and gold.

ROUND 3: Kevin Barnes, CB, Maryland: Well, I wasn't expecting them to take a cornerback. Still, it is a position that could use some depth. He isn't big, but he's really smart. From what I've read, he's outstanding at reading what the offense is doing and what route his receiver is running. He's also a big hitter, which is a plus on this defense.

ROUND 5: Cody Glenn, LB, Nebraska: Interesting that a team that fielded the NFL's 4th ranked defense spent their first three picks on defensive players. Still, Washington needed some linebacking help with the age and injury issues we have there. The only problem is that I don't see him being much more than a special teams guy who could be a Joker-type LB/S.

ROUND 6: Robert Henson, LB, TCU: Another defensive player. I like this pick better than the Glenn pick. Yeah, Henson will most likely be a special teamer, but that's not bad with a 6th round pick. He looks like a guy with size that can contribute at LB at times -- moreso than Glenn. This pick makes me wish we had selected an OL instead of Glenn.

ROUND 7: Eddie Williams, FB/TE, Idaho: I'm not understanding this, unless this was just a "highest ranked guy on our board" pick. The Redskins have All Pros at TE (Chris Cooley) and FB (Mike Sellers). We used a 3rd round pick on TE Fred Davis last year. I just don't see where this kid fits in.

ROUND 7: Marko Mitchell, WR, Nevada: Man, we've been loving those mid-major western schools, huh? Guys from TCU, Idaho and now Nevada. I think this kid could have a future with the Redskins. He's 6-4, 218 pounds and is an excellent leaper. Still, it's kind of rough to bring in yet another young receiver.

So, how do I see the draft as a whole? Decent. I love the Orakpo pick as well as Barnes. What bothers me is that we really failed to add anything offensively. I'm a big supporter of drafting an offensive lineman in the middle rounds. Those guys usually have a better chance at sticking to a roster and you didn't waste a draft pick. I'd also be remiss if I didn't mention we used our 2nd round pick in a trade for Jason Taylor ... who is no longer in Washington. That factors into my grade.

So does getting Orakpo and not getting Mark Sanchez. Before the draft, I wanted either Orakpo or OT Michael Oher. I figured we could/should move back, gain a 2nd round pick and draft Oher. But when Orakpo fell in our lap, I was ecstatic! It also means Jason Campbell is still our QB. I can't wait to see how this plays out. Will Campbell be disgruntled (especially now that the Redskins would be in a bind if he wants out) or will be have a bust-out season with another year with Jim Zorn, a contract season and a huge chip on his shoulder?

My grade is a B-. I love the first day of picking but not too thrilled about the second day. Still, I think we've drafted our first star since Sean Taylor.

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