Friday, April 3, 2009

Rating the Final Four Games

1-UConn vs Michigan State: This is an interesting game with an interesting twist. UConn has been one of the elite teams all season long but this game will be played in Detroit, Michigan. Of all of the Final Four teams, the Huskies are the only one to have not played in Ford Field (UNC and Michigan State met there earlier this season; Villanova played there in the Midwest Regional semifinals last year). Can Goran Suton pull Hasheem Thabeet away from the basket? Can the Spartans drag UConn into a street fight? Will UConn hit their free throws? Pick: UConn.

2-North Carolina vs Villanova: The favorite versus the team with nothing to lose. While Nova has dreams of being in this Final Four, they were the one school of the four that wasn't expected to be here. For North Carolina, the pressure is on. This is why everyone came back to school. During the last four years, Carolina has steadily improved by getting to the second round ... then Elite Eight ... then Final Four. This year, it is about cutting down the nets. Nothing less will do. Pick: North Carolina.

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