Monday, April 27, 2009

Redskins Sign Chase Daniel. Does This Count, Jason?

Just before the draft, there were reports that Redskins QB Jason Campbell would demand a trade if the team acquired a quarterback on draft day. At the time, there was buzz that Washington was smitten with USC QB Mark Sanchez and wanted him to be the next guy.

That didn't happen, nor did the Redskins draft any other QB.

But they did sign undrafted free agent Chase Daniel. Daniel, if you remember, was a Heisman finalist two years ago when he nearly led Missouri to the BCS Championship game. Interestingly, Redskins Insider says that the Redskins were smitten with Daniel too. They weren't smitten enough to draft him, but quickly plucked him off the free agency heap.

So, does Jason Campbell's threat still apply? The Redskins did acquire a QB on draft day ... albeit one that will probably not see the field all season long. I seriously doubt it, but you know some people (like me) are thinking it.

What Daniel's signing does (it is a two-year deal) is put Todd Collins on notice. The Redskins are going into the season with four QBs on the roster. Campbell is the starter, with Collins his backup. Colt Brennan, who has become the darling of the Redskins, is the third-stringer.

But does the signing of Daniel push Brennan to the No. 2 spot and Collins as the odd man out? Money-wise, that makes sense. It's kind of crappy since Collins didn't cash in on his somewhat high value last offseason to stay in Washington. It also would mean that the Redskins are cool with having two completely unproven players backing up Campbell. If Campbell gets hurt (after all, the Skins didn't draft anyone to protect him), you won't have Collins to step right in and do his thing.

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