Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ESPN.com Decides to Kill Content For Spaces For Huge Ads

I saw this last night and thought it was just a freak thing. But I saw it again today.

ESPN.com now has huge ads slapped on their front page. Normally there was the "SportsCenter Highlight of the Night" with the top stories bulleted on the right side. Those bullets have been moved below the highlight (where you have to scroll down to see it) and a huge ad is spanked it its place.

Now, far be it for me to whine about ad space on websites. If you look to the left, you'll see a nice, big one that you need to click. That's how the internet chugs along and it helps get great content out there for people to see.

But I (or many other sites) didn't decide to veer from what we were doing to bow down to ads. ESPN must feel that having ad space there is more important than having sports content. Ya know, the entire reason I go there. I know it seems petty since all I have to do is scroll down to get my info. But couldn't I do the same to see the ad?

MIKE LEACH: The Texas Tech head coach had a lot to say about Michael Crabtree falling all the way down to No. 10 (poor, Michael) and Graham Harrell not getting drafted at all. He threw gas cans all over the place and smacked on Browns coach Eric Mangini and Texas A&M running back Stephen McGee.

My problem with this is the NFL draft tends to work itself out. If you are good enough to play in the league, you'll have a job. Jake Delhomme and Kurt Warner weren't drafted either and things seem to have worked out for them. And whining about Crabtree only going tenth is stupid.

It seems as if Leach just wants to get out the impression that he's got his guys backs no matter what and will use it in recruiting.

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