Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sports Could Actually Practice What They Are Preaching About Earth Day

So, I'm watching ESPN and I'm sure I'll catch a few baseball, NHL and NBA games tonight. All will have something about today being Earth Day on their telecasts. ESPN has the Stanford tree going around helping people recycle.

That's great and all -- it truly is. But maybe these sports could practice what they preach.

While preaching Earth Day, ESPN has a gazillion TVs, lights, computers and really unecessary uses of power. I know that much of it is useful for the production of the show, but if you want to tell me about conservation and our planet, maybe you could chip in by turning off some of those monitors for a day.

Same goes on the field. It is Earth Day, yet every NBA and NHL arena will have tons of video screens, TVs on the concourse and bells and whistles that they really don't need. Have the guts to shut any of these down? Of course not. Will they set up shuttle buses to their arenas for mass transit? Of course not.

And why isn't every baseball game today being played during the day? I know that weekday games don't draw as well as at night, but this is just one day of a 162-game season.

I'm no where near the Earth Day fan as I should be. But I'm not going around preaching it. Maybe if the sports world actually believed in it, I would take their suggestions a bit more seriously.

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