Monday, April 6, 2009

Jordan, Stockton and Admiral in the Hall Of Fame? I Feel Old!!!

Michael Jordan, David Robinson and John Stockton were elected into the Basketball Hall of Fame. I think I'm ready to go through my mid-life crisis.

Sports help measure your life. When you are a kid, athletes are gods and heroes. When you are in high school, lot of these guys are just a few years older than you. As a young adult, these guys are your age. Around 30, most of the guys you remember their rookie seasons are now retiring. Now in my mid-30s, those guys are getting into Halls of Fame.

Jordan, Robinson and Stockton were three of the greatest players of my teenage-to-adult life. I remember when people didn't think Jordan was team oriented enough to win a title (he won six). I remember when the Admiral was drafted but the Spurs had to wait two years before they could actually use him. I remember when Stockton-to-Malone was all the rage.

I remember when Jordan wore gold chains while playing. I remember Robinson's flat top. John Stockton may be the last player to wear the short shorts.

I remember those commercials for Coke, McDonald's, Nike and Gatorade that Jordan did. Remember those "Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood" ads? Okay, I don't think Stockton did any.

I also remember when this "Dream Team" thing happened. That Kobe-Wade-LeBron team of 2008 was quite a squad, but it didn't catch the imagination of that original Dream Team of 1992. Jordan, Robinson and Stockton were all members of that team.

Remember how loud Chicago Stadium got? Or the Salt Palace? Both Hemisfair Arena and the Alamodome were tough places to play. Now all three have nice newish arenas that NBA Finals (and championships for two of them) were played.

There are still great players out there today ... but it feels different because they are younger than me. The guys my age or older are creaking out the door and I will soon be everyone's elder.

My NBA era was 1985-1998. I still love it now, but that was back when I lived for it. Jordan, Robinson and Stockton dominated that era. Congrats on getting into the Hall

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