Monday, April 6, 2009

A Nice History Between North Carolina and Michigan State

North Carolina and Michigan State will meet for the fifth time in the NCAA Tournament (UNC won the previous four). That doesn't seem like a ton of meetings, but these two will meet again on a huge stage.

This will be the third time in five years they will have met in the NCAA Tournament. In 2005, the Heels beat the Spartans in the Final Four and go on to win the National Championship. In 2007, North Carolina beat Michigan State in the second round of the tournament. Now they meet again in the 2009 championship game.

Heck, these two would have met in 2006 if George Mason hadn't upset Michigan State in the first round that year. George Mason would play UNC in the second round and upset them too.

Until tonight, the biggest meeting these two had was way back in 1957. The two met in the Final Four with the Tar Heels winning in triple overtime. UNC would go on to beat Kansas ... again in triple overtime ... the very next day.

If you want more Carolina karma, remember that the Heels beat Michigan (sans the State) in the 1993 national championship game.