Friday, April 3, 2009

Ty Lawson Wins $250 at Casino

It is good to be Ty Lawson right now. Especially after he won $250 at a Detroit casino.

Lawson has led his North Carolina Tar Heels into the Final Four for the second straight year. Earlier this week, he was named to the All-American team. He is also a Wooden award finalist. He also won the Bob Cousy Award for the best point guard in the nation. That goes with his ACC Player of the Year award that he earned last month.

All that has come while he has become the darling of the 2009 NCAA Tournament. His stubbed toe was the storyline of the first weekend of the tournament. His awesome play dominated talk during the second weekend. He's on a roll.

Lawson won the money while playing craps at the Greektown Casino in Detroit.

This has to just thrill the NCAA. The NCAA already doesn't like holding the Final Four in cities that have casinos nearby. Detroit boasts three and promised to suspend any gambling on the Final Four this year. While Lawson didn't do anything wrong and has every legal right to go to the casino, the NCAA doesn't like how this can be perceived.

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