Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kid Skips Senior Year of HIGH SCHOOL In Order to Play In Europe

Here is an interesting sidebar to the NBA draft, "testing the waters" and the normal college recruiting.

Jeremy Tyler has dropped out of his San Diego high school so he can play in Europe. Tyler, a 6-11 forward who verbally committed to Louisville, will forgo his senior year of high school ball to play in Spain.

This is risky but could be more of the norm in a few years. With the NBA's draft rules, high school seniors must kill one year before going to the NBA. Some, like Greg Oden, Kevin Durant, Kevin Love, O.J. Mayo and more have gone to college for one season and then bolted for the NBA. Brandon Jennings decided to not go to college at all and signed with a Greek team for one year.

Tyler isn't even going to wait for the opportunity.

It is risky because any time you hear "dropped out of high school", it just makes you cringe. I can get with the belief that not everyone needs college ... but pretty much everyone needs high school. Tyler better hope this pays off into an NBA career or he'll be hurting in the real world.

Basketball-wise, it is a smart move. You get to play against men instead of boys. You will get to live the professional life. You get paid.

In two years, Tyler will put his name in the NBA Draft and ... he's hoping ... will get drafted in the lottery. Maybe his time in Europe will help him when he gets to the League. Maybe it will mess with his head a little bit.

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