Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Reviewing the Redskins 2009 Schedule

The NFL released the 2009 schedule last night and football fans everywhere are excited.

My beloved Washington Redskins have a very interesting schedule coming up. Let's take a quick look at it.

WEEK 1-Redskins at Giants: For the second straight year, we open the season in New York against the G-men. Hopefully it will go better than it did last year.

WEEK 2-Rams at Redskins: Another rematch that didn't go well last year. The Redskins were one of the lowly Rams only victories.

WEEK 3-Redskins at Lions: Yet another rematch against a bad team from '08. So far, nothing exciting and new.

WEEK 4-Buccaneers at Redskins: Last year, these two didn't meet in the regular season for the first time in what seems forever. Should be a very interesting game. There is a great chance that the Skins could be 3-1 after this week.

WEEK 5-Redskins at Panthers: My game I have circled (well, outside of a couple later on). Hopefully I will make my way down to Charlotte (my hometown) to see this one.

WEEK 6-Chiefs at Redskins: Battle of the teams activists hate. And yet another game against a team that wasn't good last year. But this team has Matt Cassel now. This will be the Chiefs second trip to Washington since 1983.

WEEK 7-Eagles at Redskins: Always an interesting battle. Washington swept Philly last year. This one will be on Monday Night Football.

WEEK 8-Bye: The bye week is nearly smack dab in the middle of the season. Pretty advantageous.

WEEK 9-Redskins at Falcons: Another interesting game featuring two young QBs, two great running backs and teams who will be fighting for a wildcard berth.

WEEK 10-Broncos at Redskins: Two teams that don't have Jay Cutler as their quarterback. This will be Denver's first trip to Washington since 1998.

WEEK 11-Redskins at Cowboys: The first trip to the new Cowboys Stadium.

WEEK 12-Redskins at Eagles: For the second straight season, the Redskins have back-to-back games in Dallas and Philly. This year, the order is reversed.

WEEK 13-Saints at Redskins: These two met in a shootout last season. I remember this game since it happened during a horrible windstorm here which knocked out my power for most of the day. I had a handheld TV (a Watchman) that I caught the rest of the game on FOX.

WEEK 14-Redskins at Raiders: I can't remember the last time Washington travelled to Oakland for a game (it was 1998). Another bad team from '08.

WEEK 15-Giants at Redskins: This starts a hellacious final stretch for Washington. This is a Monday nighter.

WEEK 16-Cowboys at Redskins: This is tenatively the Sunday Night game. Hopefully ... for the Redskins sake ... NBC will still want to show this game.

WEEK 17-Redskins at Chargers: Just like last year, the Redskins will end the season on the west coast.

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