Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How Much Of the Unwatchable NFL Draft Did You Really Watch?

Yesterday ... Monday ... everyone went back to work and the main topic of conversation was what their teams did in the NFL Draft. What you liked, what you didn't like, making fun of certain teams and where you watched the Draft.

But, seriously, how much of the draft did you really watch? Really?

Me? I think it was about a total of two hours. I caught the Lions taking Matt Stafford and caught up to the Bengals pick at No. 6. I had it still on but was doing some stuff as the draft continued. When the Broncos picked at No. 12 (meaning my Redskins were next), I sat down and watched. All I really wanted to see was Washington's selection and I was fine. I probably watched another pick or two and then hung it up.

I did go on ESPN.com to see the progress of the draft (namely where Hakeem Nicks would be picked) and a Day 1 recap. Since the Redskins didn't pick until the third round, I really didn't care too much. I watched none of the Draft on Sunday, electing to follow the picks on ESPN.com a couple times during the day.

That's it. Months of hype, predictions, mocks and rumors and I only cared to watch about two hours of it.

I just can't watch it. It is too overblown. From Chris Berman huffing and puffing through the telecast, to Mel Kiper shouting about how smart he is, to the 50 analysts telling me what I just watched. With the cameras covering all these draftees all day, even the actual DRAFTING OF THE PLAYERS stunk. I mean, well before Roger Goodell announces the pick, we see someone and his family on a cell phone celebrating.

That brings me to a bigger point: does ESPN even cover the draft? I mean, they send all those people there but scoop Goodell on the picks. On Day 2 ... aka Rounds 3 through 7 ... they don't even bother telling you who is picking whom. It just rolls across the bottom of the screen as they spend a second day telling you about what happened on the first day.

Here is a dirty secret. The NFL Draft really isn't very television friendly. Back when ESPN started to televise the draft, nobody at all gave a crap. It was like watching C-SPAN or a series of cubicles at a telemarketing firm. Boring.

Yes, it gained momentum and ESPN started putting some more bells and whistles to it. I love the actual visual production of the draft with the tons of information on my screen. I love Trey Wingo as a host. That's about it. You have Steve Young telling me that every team needs to draft a QB, Keyshawn Johnson talking about guys that weren't on those teams anymore (Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce aren't St. Louis Rams anymore, Key) and Tom Jackson telling me how tough everyone is.

Only 360+ days left until next year's extravaganza.

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