Monday, September 25, 2006

Yet ANOTHER Bengal Arrested


Bengals linebacker Odell Thurman, who is currently suspended for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy, was picked up last night for a DUI.  Some highlights:

-At a DUI check point, an officer saw an SUV drive across the double yellow line.

-He blew a 0.18 which is twice the legal limit. 

-Thurman was with two Bengal teammates whose names haven't been released...but the Cincinnati Enquirer is reporting that the car was owned by rookie Reggie McNeal and that Chris Henry, a Bengal that has been arrested four times in three states in the last year, was in the car and threw up out a window. 

-He was cited with the drunk driving and was released to one of his buddies who wasn't drunk to drive him home.

This makes him the SIXTH Cincinnati Bengal to be arrested in less than a year.  Good thing they already wear orange suits and stripes. 



beatdownbonanza said...

dear ass.,
  he wasn't aressted,he was released on o.r. because he has no priors.
twice the legal limit sounds like alot to someone who doesn't drink,but it's not.i myself have been more than twice the legal limit.
 my concern is "why was he celebrating,he didn't play?"AND HE WAS HANGING AROUND THAT HENERY GUY.he's a bad influence.


budweiserque3n said...

dear ass

georgecoztanza said...

>>twice the legal limit sounds like alot to someone who doesn't drink,but it's not.<<

Twice the legal limit is a lot if you're going to drive yourself somewhere, twice as much as you should have as a matter of fact.

monponsett said...

If the DUI occurs after the cocaine suspension, it's sort of like a step up in the recovery process.