Monday, September 25, 2006

New Orleans Re-opens Tonight

The city of New Orleans gets their NFL team back as the Saints will play their first regular season home game in the city since 2004. 

They play the Falcons in the Louisiana Superdome....which is the symbol for all that went wrong after Hurricane Katrina.  It's tattered roof and stories of the horror inside still affect us over a year later.  But the refurbishing of the dome and the beauty it now holds can be the catalyst of a possible rebirth of this great American city.  The Saints won't save New Orleans just by playing football games there; but the fact that one of the big businesses is coming back to plant it's feet in the city should help other companies and people to want to do the same. 

The city was far from perfect before Katrina hit....but with everyone willing to try to build a new New Orleans from this even greater New Orleans can emerge.

The game is on ESPN at please watch. 

   Louisiana Superdome


whatever1296 said...

Man, I am soooooooo tired of hearing about New Orleans, it makes me want to HURL everywhere!!!!!!!!
I live in Houston, and now that Katrina happened, our crime rate is up, murder rate is up 33%!
I saw on the news the other day that 1 out of 4 violent crimes, robberies, or assaults involve Katrina Trash..
N.O brought all their shi$$ a$$ ghetto thugs over here, dropped them off, and did not even have the decency to give them a ride back home.

New Orleans Sucks........and so do the Saints.

War Houston getting all the "Victims" out of our city.

monponsett said...

New Orleans learned from Cuba... when opportunity knocks, empty the prisons onto someone else's turf. The funny part is Houston was worried about Mexicans screwing everything up.

My best friend lives(d) in Covington, LA... mere kilometers from New O.... and I wouldn't move down there for all the tea in China. I'll take slightly worse Soul Food in exchange for not living in what is- geographically- America's own Bangladesh.

We're all Americans, and I love all of us- and my town is still hosting 200 families from N.O.- but the danger is geographical there, first and foremost. Dumping all the Master P's into Houston doesn't even begin to lessen the threat.